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AIDA Service is automatic sales service with a redistributed information of all transactions and also the rating of products and suppliers on the technology of obstruction. This platform is constructed on the Etherium platform, the blockchain system is gaga all the infrastructure and is enforced beneath the businesses needs. The electronic case user will reload with the assistance of the money handler, or through AIDA Services own asking system. Customers are ready to prime up their balance with customary payment systems (PayPal, QIWI, VISA, etc.). Payments or initial received on the balance of the “AIDA” service, then, as a results of the contract with the manufacturer and also the modification to the SLA, it’s paid to the provider. If the provider needs to money them, he will receive them on the settlement account through the asking system. Upon the introduction of crypto currency for payment of transactions, the system are placed at the purpose of profit from the order aspect. All right away, several makers despite the very fact shopping for contemporary materials from one another will quickly pay and take it while not postponements, that should be tolerated in addressing the order currency. In risky cases, makers and customers are ready to exchange crypto currency exploitation the asking system or third-party exchange services.

AIDA service can provide value added and advantages for customer, some of them are:

1. Fight and cut back corruption activities within the business method as a result of this corruption will cause serious issues to client company and typically this corruption may end up to lost of the corporate profit.

2. offer higher delivery management of the fabric purchased and may be simply half-track in system if there’s order.

3. higher choice of providers to avoid unscrupulous supplier that’s tough to be glorious in early as a result of they show sensible package however once material arrived in client aspect then package opened prove to unhealthy containing material. This condition are worst if that suppliers denies the package content and also the material purchased can’t be came with several unclear reason.

4. Shortening the long chain of intermediaries, this shortening chain of intermediaries can impact to decreasing the worth to be paid by client. Sometimes, legion intermediaries will cause the costs for client to rise dramatically

5. Simplification considerably in document flow that is typically difficult, the additional suppliers, the additional documents for the accounting department like contracts, tax invoices, consignment notes, reconciliation reports, service acceptance acts etc.

6. offer answer for repositing within the client aspect, as not all construction firms have their own warehouses. Those construction firms will lack temporary storage places. As a result, the corporate should purchase the required materials in bulk, to avoid wasting on delivery and to induce a reduction from the provider, however it doesn’t have the chance to store the materials.

7. offer easier of fabric availableness, typically is happened that a fabric is desperately needed to be put in at web site however business department has difficulties to seek out straightaway thanks to buying workers ought to search provider and conjointly the provision of materials want time that is someday durable. what is more in several cases that typically arise potential risk the absence of the chance to judge the standard of the fabric thanks to the space between the corporate and also the provider. This potential risk is removed by the existence of AIDA service.

Our Mission

Development of unique automatic sales platform (service), which will target to complete 90% of the existing market.

Our Vision

We aim to create the sales service in the world, which will take into account the main issues of our clients and pay attention to details that will help make their work easier.
It is possible to solve the problems of all process participants: by providing tools that will operate as one organism.
How do we see it? This is an automated service, which connects all participants and provides an opportunity to exchange information quickly and on time. We solve the issue of client order tracking and documentary flow through digitizing signatures and clients.
Our company decided to use smart contracts, because we believe that contractual relationships can be partly or even fully self-government. The cryptography underlying smart contracts, providing a higher level of security than traditional contracts. Therefore, our goal is to provide better, new, modern and innovative services to AIDA.

3-stage counterparty moderation and decentralization in the AIDA service

One of the tasks of the service is to provide security for the end user. To this end, we introduced a three-stage inspection of manufacturers and service providers.

Step 1

  • When registering with the service, the counterparty fills out a questionnaire with the details of the company. Virtually every state has e-government databases for registered companies. The service will be connected to the database by the API and will be scanned according to the automatic verification algorithm:
  • on pseudo business
  • suspicious transactions with the company
  • the involvement of the founders in the lists of unscrupulous companies
  • Compliance with the data specified in the questionnaire
  • If the company does not pass the automatic verification, it will receive a notification about the need to correct the data or refuse to register, indicating the reason. The company has the right to dispute the refusal with the indication of additional information.

Step 2

  • In cases where the company passes the automatic verification phase, it is given the opportunity to set up production units (conveyors, document management, raw materials, storage, etc.). Adjust price lists and integrate with the marketplace After he completes all the mandatory modules to fill. At this time, representatives of our company call the indicated numbers of the sales department (distribution), check the website of the company and information on the Internet received by the robot parser about the company. This is the second phase of the surface inspection and plant expertise.

Step 3

  • After the first two stages, the representative in the region and the NODE holder will be notified of the need to verify the counterparty. He has a checklist for checking on legal data, a comparison of the manufacturer’s data in the questionnaire and setting up the production. If the counterparty has a discrepancy with the specified data, he will be able to correct the data in the presence of the representative. The representative is interested in the correctness of the entered data, as he receives 10% of the service revenue from the region through a smart contract. In cases of frequent violations or inconsistencies with the data of already operating counterparties, the representative after the audit may be deprived of the right to represent the service, and accordingly the profit.

The ICO process is divided into two stages:

1. Initial sale of token to investor (Pre-ICO)

  • Requirements: 30.12.17 09:00:00 UTC + 6–20.01.18 23:59:59 UTC + 6
  • During this stage tokens are sold with a 15% bonus.

2. The main level of ICO

  • Requirements: 21.01.18 00:00:00 UTC + 6–10.02.18 00:00:00 UTC + 6
  • No bonuses are applied at this stage.

AidaIco is the first intelligent contract to be structured and based on the concept outlined by Vitalik Buterin. Where during crowdsdale, investors are given the opportunity to return the funds invested 1 time:

  • For ETH investments: all tokens stored at the investor’s address are burned and sent back to AidaIco.BTC’s smart contract investor wall, LTC, BCC investment: the refund process is empowered by Oracle.
  • The amount of the investment is returned to the investor wallet, less the transaction fee.
  • Withdrawal key: during the major phase of ICO returns is only possible until January 30, 2018, inclusive.


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