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Airp2p is AN improvement and development on previous and existing laptop systems. This emergence aims to resolve the common limitations faced by normal those that have prevented individuals from enjoying the advantages ANd capacities of mega machines through the release of blockchain and cryptoarcadia technologies in an innovative and moralapproach. the concept was written in Dec 2017 afterward. it’s selling and business arrange developed in March 2018. Airp2p was based by a collection of refined business expertise: Sigurour Benediktsson (CEO), Kristinn Spence (Project Manager), Daniel Oskarsson (Developer) and lots of others.

Direct Access to High End Computers

The high-end computers available in the market are not only expensive but also hard to purchase due to the high demand in the world. There are also governments that require all persons who intend to purchase the devices to submit some documents to be allowed to import the computers to the country.

AIRP2P resolves this problem by giving everyone who is in the network access to a broad range of superior computers that they can use for various tasks. For instance, you can login to the network and check how your business is running while on a vacation.

Access on Any Internet-Enabled Device

Just like any other digital service or product, you will need to have an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone to access the website. That is not a problem though as most of the new generation mobile devices are internet enabled. This means that users who take advantage of this initial coin offering will be able to carry out various computing tasks even when on the road.

FEATURES OF AIRP2P Authentication Protocol
Private and security
Cloud knowledge Storage
External Integration and a lot of.

Integration of cloud-based ecosystems with blockchain options permits careful ecosystems on blockchain technology credentials. All transactions ar recorded in a very safe and decentralized manner. Of course, you would like the bank on a secure and clear system supported the integrity of the Bitcoin foundation. It provides users access to their own virtual PCs on-line. people United Nations agency use high finish package adore Adobe and Lightroom won’t be neglected of this profit. this may not solely be helpful for crypto holders however additionally students, skilledgraphic designers United Nations agency need high finish configurations and premium engines to continue their work.

Airp2p provides everybody identical access to advanced computers. It reinvents the employment and access to a typical laptop. it’ll run on the Ethereum-based blockchain technology that is that the same bitcoin powering, the biggest-selling cryptocurrency worldwide. this can be a system that permits the sleek running of all the technologies in it and ensures user accessibility and safety with the assistance of dedicated professionals on the tuned in to secure transactions conducted beneath the system. Students concerning the look of games and multimedia system can notdiscover the value of buying a good new system that’s typically the most and basic constraint.
Airp2p can give a much better resolution to the obstacles thanks to the accessibility of each a part of the planet to rent high finish systems to help with the work and assignment of their comes.

On the opposite hand, through the Airp2p Payment System Platform, people and firms may additionally like better to lease their systems to be used by others. Inadequate funds are tested and a good challenge to glowing professionals and freelancers, United Nations agency typically hamper their skilled progress. However, with the assistance of Airp2p’s effort, this downside may be resolved well through a peer to see network wherever freelancers can profit to rent systems that ar supported by top-class configurations to accomplish their tasks simply and supplytheir careers with an enormous boost during this launching stage .

The primary token sale begins in June 2018 whereas the event of the Airp2p platform begins in Oct 2018. the worldwide network ought to be developed to permit computing technologies to be rented on your step. What a reasonably and extremely promising supply for the future!


The AirP2P token will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.
The ICO will be held in three phases as follows
Pre-ICO from May 18, 2018 – June 3, 2018 (30% bonus)
Main token sale phase one from June 3, 2018 – July 3, 2018 (20% bonus)
Main token sale phase two from August 3, 2018 – September 15, 2018
Detailed statistics about prices and supply per phase will be updated

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