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What is special about Blockchain 3.0?

Historically, the primary project that used a ever-changing system within the style of chains and DAG-blocks was Next (NXT). With the assembly time unchanged, the storage of data may be enlarged by a definite variety of blocks at identical time. the subsequent comes, like IOTA, Byteball et al, already utterly abandon the concept of blocks because the basis for the functioning of the system. In blockbodies of the previous generation, it takes it slow to get a brand new block: for bitcoin it’s 10 minutes, for Ethereum it takes regarding 20 seconds.

Now let’s consider the benefits of APOLLOCHAIN Blockchain 3.0

ApolloChain deploys Blockchain 3.0 technology to open its commercialism platform. nisus for economically unregulated and retail-oriented energy markets round the world, Apollochain has the chance to be introduced within the states and regions through established connections and resources to satisfy the requirements of users UN agency area unit all possible to be wholesalers, company or individual consumers of electricity, for the implementation of direct transactions between the parties, a fall within the centralized worth of trades and exclusion of losses at municipal tariffs.

ApolloChain as an immediate go-between

By 2017, international electricity generated by new energy has occupied nearly 50% of total power plants. Most countries ar funding clean energy to deal with carbon emissions , and therefore the sun is more and more vital. round the undeveloped $ 5.300 billion Market shows a awfully exciting future.

Smart contracts with multiple cryptography mechanisms defend the ability shoppers from malicious knowledgeassortment or info felony. offensive one, unassailable powerhouse for all networks due to a distributed package, decentralized structure, and blockchain 3.0 technology. the knowledge is well guaranted similarlybecause the security is greatly promoted.

The price of alternative energy plants has ablated more thanks to competition among makers of equipment 18% measurable international energy cost reductions (LCOE) ar accomplished in 2016 throughout 2015. Meanwhile, the worth of electricity for electrical phenomenon (PV) power is comparable to traditional, Higher PV fight means that sustained investment decline.

Future Five-Year arrange.
1. Complete the sensible meter technique
2. Launch the primary Microgrid Project in Australia
3. Access PV station information and begin APP Testing
1. Install the sensible meter pilot
2. take a look at transactions for Microgrid comes
3. Launch Phoebus Energy mercantilism Platform and accomplish the primary electrical transactions on the mainet between PV powerhouse homeowners and electricity customers.
1. enlargement and development of API
2. on-line Business Reseller unit
3. begin carbon mercantilism pilot program
1. Promotion of Microgrid project wide in Republic of Indonesia Australia and geographical region region
2. Globally build electricity retail network
3. Broad-based governmental power-side demand management in areas wherever Phoebus has presence and operation
1. accomplish period residential power transactions within the international wholesale market
2. Develop energy unit charging heap & UAV charging airdrome with AI technology and hook up with Apollochain.

Apollochain has partners

The Skycoin platform is that the world’s most refined blockchain application system. Developed by early contributors to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Skycoin platform is totally secure, unlimited, and ISP freelance. powered by information measure, storage, and computing power, Skycoin is made to meet Satoshi’s original vision.

Platform For Energy Mercantilism Apollochain

As Associate in Nursing innovative tool, obstruction technology is inherently appropriate for distributed energy in an exceedingly deregulated energy market. Following the continued reform of the energy sector and also thegrowing electricity retail market, distributed generation, as a speedily developing sector, needs users to be eachgenerating and overwhelming participants with a deep involvement during this industrial reform.
The picture shows the fundamental structure of the mercantilism platform Apollochain, that contains the extent of transactions, the advanced level and also the block. The renewable energy system is that the basis for the extentof transactions, whereas the mercantilism parties embody power generators, an influence system, a distributed station, a sensible house (household customers and energy generators) and different sources of renewable energy. both sides initiates and completes its energy transactions at this level, subsequently all relevant knowledge is transmitted to the advanced level, forming good contracts, and ultimately keep within the locker.

Mental network permits you to steer the demand, however still has the chance to be concerned in an exceedingly centralized network or to create small networks by together with finish users World Health Organization area unit geographically shut chum to an admirer. additionally to the present, another device that creates sense within the mental network, provides a mental electronic counter (still called a sensible counter). He urges widespread dissemination to get knowledge on energy use by users and also the use / production behavior. supported the info, the mental network has the power to lower the design prices and guarantee a lot of rational use of electricity to customers, by reportage on electricity prices, period of time rating, electricity cut-off schedule, and so on.


Apollochain will facilitate avoid and management the on top of risks, guaranteeing lowest losses and danger within the network, distributing measurements and implementing peer-to-peer knowledge accuracy checking. interferenceproperties make sure that knowledge can’t be falsified and guarantee a secure and clear method of energy commerce. They conjointly give safe and economical add small networks in an exceedingly localized market and support period of time energy trade.

[01 May, 2018 – 01 September, 2018]

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