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Bitjob is a new decentralized peer 2 peer (P2P) cryptocurrency platform to help student earn and gain skills and experience while still in school. Powered by Ethereum, the platform allows the students to receive payment from their short-term employers and at the same time gives them an opportunity to develop their work profile based on their ability and skills. The platform eliminates the need for server administrator and have powerful transparency features that allows strong identity, voting, verification, authentication and reputation. Bitjob remains a unique platform that help students who are still studying. This innovative and upgraded marketplace gives students the opportunity to find short-term jobs with ease. Gaining work experience while studying is one of the great advantages for using this platform. On this amazing marketplace, prospective project requesters will pay students for their effort, time and skills. It is another great avenue for students to brush up and upgrade their professional resumes. Due to the technology that runs this platform, it is categorized under smart-contracts marketplace. The service of server administrators may be restricted because the platform is operated on the Ethereum technology. No need to hesitate with BitJob because BitJob has a team of highly reliable and professional with a range of special skills like team developers, developers, developers of particular specialists, legal experts, consultants, Community Manager and more.
Decentralized platform for jobs online short term with the support of Cryptography. In BitJob STU is a means of payment that will be bought and sold using real money. All contributors to any eligible to receive STU Tokens by participating in a campaign that has been planned in September 2017 i.e. Crowdfund campaign.


When users download a bitJob application they will be prompted to confirm the details and must provide the student’s ID number enrolled in Educational Organization, College or University. Unique storage addresses will be generated for them within the Ethereum network. This address will be used to transfer funds from the Service Finder to the service provider in this case the students. Service providers will be directly involved and employed by the Service Finder or hired through the bidding process.
In the bitJob platform there will be a bidding process to which service providers offer services to service seekers. If the auction process has been completed, the service provider with the best Bid will be hired by the service seeker. Before the service providers do their duty first, they will make a contract in BitJob as Escrow.


An Initial Offering to bring this project into full bloom is now underway and here are the details pertaining to it:

Firstly there will be a presale that will take place on the 2nd of August. Then an initial coin offering a month later starting on the 12th of September. There will be 100 million STU TOKENS maximum supply that will be created for the crowdfund and the cost will be in the presale:







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