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What Is BubbleTone?
BubbleTone is that the initial project of the crypto-currency business, the concept of that relies on the decentralization of the telecommunications system. This system permits direct interaction between mobile network operators, phone users and repair suppliers.

The BubbleTone project relies on the sturdy Blockchain technology. The system of the telecommunication business of this project is named “BubbleTone Blockchain in Telecom”. This system is that the initial and also the international for the telecommunications business.

Blockbain-technology BubbleTone provides each traveller, each guest of an overseas territory for him with security, responsibleness and also the main convenience and economy of communication. With the BubbleTone system, anyone WHO enters another country for travel, recreation, work, business or alternative personal interests acquires the rank of legal consumer of any foreign operator victimization the services of this operator in line with native tariffs of the territory that he visits. And what’s vital, someone (a tourist) has the chance to depart his SIM card while not dynamic his mobile range. it’ll merely be tailored to native mobile conditions convenient for him.

The company BubbleTone has been operational within the telecommunications business for quite twenty years. Seventeen years agone the team was one amongst those initial groups that created Associate in Nursing innovative platform for the event of intelligent communication services, as well as convergence with fastened and mobile communications. For quite eighteen years, the BubbleTone team has been developing its own operator company referred to as MVNO, with a client base of quite 250,000 people. however the MVNO operator still offers its services solely in restricted regions, within the future the team plans to produce customers with international roaming services. All the organizers of this action place lots of effort and time.

The BubbleTone project plans to conclude contracts with several many international operators round the world, to create an outsized quantity of cash within the development of this concept, a vital purpose is that the constant internal control of those services, that embrace voice knowledge, text and multimedia system messages, mobile signals and additional. it’s clear that such a project needs not a couple of resources, each financial and physical.

Mobile knowledge exchange with native rates in eighty countries of the globe, as well as Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, geographic area and African nation.

For Bubbletone users:

  • Make calls and use data during travel worldwide at great local rates with direct connection to local operators
  • No need to change your SIM-card or phone number
  • Next generation messenger packed with amazing communication features

For mobile operators and service providers:

  • Any operator can become global without complex network integrations
  • Direct access to international telecom market with millions of new customers
  • Increase in revenue through distribution of value-added services

Telecom 2.0: Blockchain replaces old-fashioned and costly roaming technology totally by implementing smart contracts into mobile operators’ interactions.


The goal of the Bubbletone Blockchain platform is to eliminate all long, complicated and expensive inter-operator roaming procedures and to make a brand new marketplace for thousands of medium carriers gap reasonable mobile services for silent roamers. Our Blockchain in medium system provides direct interaction between mobile operators and service-providers via good contracts.


We directly connect mobile network operators and finish users globally on our blockchain-based marketplace. As a mobile operator in Europe with over twenty years in medium, we tend to ar planning to leverage this blockchain platform to enter the world market and provide it to all or any operators.


International roaming currently suggests that preventative expenses each for telecoms and subscribers round the world. Inter-operator charges for coming into roaming market currently exceed $20 million. Developing countries ar most hit from exceptionally high roaming costs in a very market dominated by many medium giants.


With BubbleTone Blockchain, travelers will fleetly become legitimate native customers of any foreign operator within the country they’re traveling to. They don’t ought to replace their SIM card, and that they retain their home range.

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