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Catena is a decentralized trading platform that ignites the disruptive convenience of blockchain technology to alter the global commerce market. Throughout the last few decades, worldwide trade has considerably increased, both in revenue and volume. Despite relieving the living requirements of most, the sector is still faced with challenges that inhibit the realization of its entire potential. These are the conditions that the Catena exchange aims to address.

Catena to use revolutionary technologies and algorithms employing the blockchain technology, in order to build a solid platform that will interrupt and eventually change the method by which the trade economy works.

Global trade Market Size and Economic Growth
Trade has continued to encourage economic growth and development, helping to decrease poverty across the world. World product exports have grown in value by about 32 per cent since 2006, reaching more than 75000 16 billion in 2017. At precisely the exact same time, world exports of commercial agencies have quickened by about 64 percent, reaching a total of 2500 4.77 trillion.

The highest growth in merchandise trade has been achieved by manufactured goods and agricultural products, which have significantly increased by 37 per cent and 67 per cent in value respectively. We strongly think that the growth of new technologies is likely to have a positive impact on commerce in forthcoming years, offering many new opportunities to entrepreneurs and tiny businesses across the globe, fulfilling Catena vision and mission.

Global Trade growth challenges and barriers
Fraud is a challenge the world suffers from global trading, as over 90% in the united states and 95 percent in Asia of firms have been confronted with fraud, and also this is due to the fragility of the present systems even the digital ones, it is estimated that fraud causes a loos of about 4 Trillion 75000 annually, resulting in a few firms and businesses to declare bankruptcy and shutdown, a frequent means of committing fraud in commerce is by buying goods or services to open account with the only objective of absconding without paying.

The majority of the occasions the very first delivery is contrary to cash to gain trust. If, for the upcoming delivery, then the charge provided is for 30 or even 60 days for example, there is enough time for your customer to obtain items, resell run and them.

Sometimes the buyer and seller set up valid organizations within their respective countries and execute a couple of transactions on a comparatively modest scale over a period of 12 months. This is often enough time to create a payment background and receive yourself a credit risk assessment, becoming perceived as verifiable and reliable. That is followed by a major order, which is typically insured with no problem. The vendor exports fake goods from a vent with inadequate shipping procedures and also owner creates false documentation revealing that goods have been supposedly sent.

In other circumstances, fraudulent policy holders misstate overdue, establish deceptive payment approaches, or present audited financial statements founded on false info.

With modern technology it has become relatively easy and inexpensive to create a bogus site or bogus trade records with convincing logos and documentation such as bills of lading. The belief of a valid business or commerce transaction is easily made.

Yet there are numerous challenges as well as fraud, supply chain issues and its related matters, regulations, exchange rate volatility, transparency and more, all these have an immediate effect on the international trade and its own growth.

Immediate and full payment, especially for small- and – midsize businesses (SMEs), may indicate the difference between bankruptcy and survival. Earning Payments is one of the major challenges companies face in gambling, this originates from a selection of problems, including Currency changes Procedure inefficiencies Limited payment visibility Bank fees Challenges originating from payment issues impact these companies primarily through increased foreign-exchange-rate vulnerability, increased costs and limited ability to answer emergency payments, these have wider consequences for company profitability and validity.

Opportunities with the global trade Development challenges
Catena tends to handle this 16 trillion 2500 market, offering a robust method to ease its growth and influence on international economy, the simple fact that Catena provides a smooth, speedy, and dependable platform will enable small and medium traders to combine such a major economy and also be significant contributors to its own growth.

The estimation for profitability of providers to this market, such as banks is over 4 Trillion 75000 from 2017, and this really is where Catena aims to find its share of quite a lucrative market, that arguably wasn’t tackled in the perfect way from tech providers, and is still suffering from obstacles and constraints that will be solved through the utilization of blockchain technology.

Catena delivers a compromised solution to all decentralized exchanges limitations, Catena is put with a very healthy order book connected to various exchanges and compiling it onto a decentralized platform, in addition to that it features the order fitting AI that’ll make it rather easy and efficient to trade and also have more complex features than the usual typical centralized exchange, but at the same time giving the base and also all advantages of a decentralized exchange.

2. ETP
Efficient Trading Platform can be a set of contracts that are smart that understands what’s needed for every trade as set by the buyer/seller, it unlocks the possibility of experiencing different sellers and buyers on precisely the same order/contract, because it can match a seller arrangement of a significant MOQ with many buyers and also solve different supply chain parameters predicated on the pre-registered requirements, engaging different delivery alternatives, if required, to construct one single executeble contract which may bring this transaction for success.
Our users do not need any programming experience, it is only an interface to choose and also allocate certain requirements of a bargain, and Catena is going to do the rest.

The Purchase Matching AI executes a tactical algorithm using mathematical modeling of this match theory to be able to devote the most useful paths on the market, to do the ideal small business transaction, that is not a normal search engine for both sellers and buyers to find one another instead of the usual clinically suspended advice for all parties in a business arrangement to find the optimal answer for a win-win situation looking for a perennial business later on.

To be the largest trusted platform for domestic and global transactions, and The very first selection for all business trade across the planet, with a Mission of virtually every business with a strong platform and successful Tools for growing their market reach and secure their small business Activities, while opening the door to infinite opportunities for small And medium enterprises, through transparency of economy parameters and Low entry obstacles to compete, empowering an increasing and prosperous trade Economy.

Catena is a decentralized trading platform and exchange constructed largely on the blockchain technology and introducing new algorithms and AI Protocols to raise the trade market.
Catena tends to apply revolutionary algorithms and technologies utilizing the blockchain technology, so as to create a robust platform That would disrupt and eventually alter the method by which the trade market performs.

Catena Token ICO Details

Catena will conduct a token sale to raise capital for the implementation of this project. The Catena token is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply is capped at 250 million, and no additional tokens will ever be minted. Notably, the Catena token will be the only acceptable currency in the Catena ecosystem.

Token Distribution

  • 58% – ICO
  • 2% – ICO partners
  • 15% – team
  • 3% – early contributors and advisors
  • 20% – resolution center
  • 2% – bounty

Distribution Of Funds

  • 13.3% – system development
  • 37.6% – exchange platform
  • 24.7% – barter ecosystem
  • 13% – operation cots
  • 6% – contingency and resolution center

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