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More and a lot of folks square measure currently progressively encouraging offer the availability the provision of food and also the supply of food supplements. Communities will definitely explore for nutrient foods to fulfill their desires and can be directly involved with the biological process data sections that food suppliers typically give. However, there square measure several issues communities face once yearning for these biological process worth data, and generally suppliers don’t embrace biological process worth data supported actual data. This ends up in a decline in client confidence in food suppliers because it is understood that the transparency of the biological process worth data contained in foods or dietary supplements is needed by customers for his or her desires.CIBUS blockchain method relies on Pull Model: distinctive options of CIBUS model isfigured within the following model.

Food producers and distributors as partners of food provider suppliers these days face several of actuality challenges of worldwide competition, on-line searching growth, to margin pressures and additional. This makes it tough for little and medium entrepreneurs to grow and grow within the world world. we tend to at CIBUS notice that small-scale producers worldwide want an area for any development and merchandise launches to international markets that so far appear unrealizable to them. Today’s scaling CIBUS provides Solutions and Opportunities for small-chain traders and producers to be in chains to unravel congestion by numerous things and provides them a chance to unleash their true potential.

CIBUS offers an oversized range of services on platforms expedited by CIBUS tokens and supported by CIBUS Communities unfold everywhere the globe to own real business potential that may be realised by its users. The CIBUS network is constructed with the newest blockchain-based technology geared toward fulfilling the transparency of dietary and health supplements that make sure the origin, quality and amount of a product.
CIBUS can bring supplement and food producers, sellers or merchants underneath one purposeful, interactive, and dependent platform supported blockchain technology and modify transparency through reliable information, recorded within the ledger and distributed freely and
accessible to all or any interested parties; therefore each business house owners and shoppers will relish the most effective potential
transparency, genuineness, and reliableness of the food product they’re inquisitive about.

Why The Blockchain?

Traceability and lucidity square measure a number of the foremost important basics of supply. Blockchain optimizes business transactions and commercialism associations with sturdy and secure business networks on Blockchain — in accordance to quantifiability and globally.
Blockchain provides a shared ledger that’s rationalized and valid in real time with every network contestant. It empowers equal visibility of activities and it will expose any quality at any purpose in time, regardless World Health Organization owns it and its latest condition. It is safe, secured, and can’t be tampered by any suggests that therefore it promotes best transparency. Transparency is that the most difficult facet of shoppers that has been raised in recent years. The transparency has the facility to guage the performance of a provide chain and thereby boost the sureness of connected players still on improve the customer’s trust. The strengths within the transparency of the blockchain square measure within the honesty as every group action is exclusive and none of them are often modified or manipulated subsequently. The sovereign trustiness can not be obligatory and exercised by a centralized system, since it’s impossible for associate degree outsider to guage the trustiness of the disclosed data. Therefore, it’s advantageous to use a blockchain technology over a centralized system in terms of trustiness.

CIBUS Vision
Global provide chains square measure extraordinarily effective recently however in many ways they’re adulterate with non-transparency, deceitful activities, out-of-date stocks, etc. Moreover, reliance on out-of-date technology or manual procedure creates unwanted gap between makers and traders with customers in many ways in which. Blockchain technology, that has the potential to be used as secured thanks to record and transmit knowledge in a very safe and suburbanized networks, has currently been counted as a promising thanks to improve these chains. One purpose that sets CIBUS except for alternative nearly similar comes is that CIBUS goes to launch hardware as well: very best quality advanced associated intuitive sensors that may regularly monitor and steady send knowledge to the blockchain as an item transits from manufacturer to its user. CIBUS is on the verge of making a possible market. most vital think about this technique progress is complete
transparency and conviction. the most focus are going to be to develop associate system that address market problems, will bring down prices, and might boost efficiencies. of these elements can facilitate CIBUS to that be the foremost favorite for all stakeholders integrated within the provide chain — from the producers to traders to customers. CIBUS is additionally making a blockchain-centric procedure that has the pliability to be used at completely different provide chain settings. CIBUS protocol is Ethereum-based and it will write good contracts, that is anticipated to feature tons of efficiencies, beside transparency and responsibility to the complete chain. CIBUS goes to launch a brand new cryptocurrency token CIBUS token, which is able to be used on the CUBUS Platform solely in a very method that continues to be related to every item at intervals the chain. Amidst alternative things it holds the info because the food item moves ahead toward its customers, and it conjointly offers incentives for the stakeholders. CIBUS token is anticipated to be the central a part of the equation. CIBUS seeks to facilitate a secured and sovereign provide chain, develop associate improved distribution procedure and allow customers to effortlessly see wherever their purchased merchandise return from and also the ingredients in it.

CIBUS Mission

The mission at CIBUS is project is:
1. To line up and clear the world food provide chain and connected market in order that the interest and trust of consumers and farmers are often maintained at its best. At CIBUS our aim is to reward the farmers World Health Organization place their labour in manufacturing food and after all the shoppers World Health Organization has all the correct to own quality food on their
2. so eventually, all stakeholders will yield exploit the elevated whole price proposition for verifiably
quality food. furthermore retailers sourcing quality food merchandise will trace and show the origins and superiority of their food, that client will check on their own. Governments can get to ensure
conformity by the food trade to straightforward and values by checking records and ways documented on the blockchain.
3. Apart from that sensible contracts will establish business relationships between totally different parties still as can control/reduce risks and commercialism disputes, allowing suppliers and patrons to enter MOU while not suffering from stress regarding the standing or financial condition of their counterparty.

CIBUS Utility

CIBUS is a multi-functional platform powered by CIBUS Tokens that aims:

  1. Promotion of food safety and transparency by using blockchain and ensuring product authentication, visibility of product’s life cycle journey visibility, product recall efficiency and, inventory management
  2. Authentication for products’ freshness in case of perishables and chain of custody with accountability, supplychain mapping and optimization,
  3. facilitation of direct retail(B2C) and business to business(B2B) food trading
  4. Creating a holistic food based social network globally.
  5. Robotic assurance for supply chain management
  6. Customs, audit, and regulation process optimization to implement optimum transparency in supply chainsystem with the support of PULL chain algorithm.

CIBUS Architecture

CIBUS Blockchain will contribute in adding transparency which will help global food industry in quick & efficient fraud prevention.

CIBUS possesses very clear cut solutions for various practical issues in agri food business Furthermore, CIBUS is designed by food scientists who have decades of experience in dairy and related industries in collaboration with blockchain technology specialists to ensure optimum accuracy and efficiency for its users. In a nutshell,
1. CIBUS intends to provide escrow services, analytics and affiliate e-commerce functions. CIBUS uses
blockchain technology to bring absolute transparency in food and dietary supplements supply chain thus boosts food safety and traceability.

2. It benefits end-consumers by offering adequate information stored on blockchain, accessible on mobile application and websites, so that informed choices can be made before each and every food/dietary supplement purchase.

3. CIBUS also reduces involvement of intermediaries in the food economy by creating an e-commerce platform for food and dietary supplements. This facilitates direct trading between businesses and end consumers as
well as other businesses.

CIBUS Ecosystem

CIBUS tokens: the underlying cryptocurrency for all transactions on the CIBUS platform, that is that the solely method of payment for dealings fees, trust services, advertising and analytical knowledge. All parties conducting transactions in CIBUS Trade and CIBUS Retail should have minimum balance of CIBUS token to conduct transactions in CIBUS.

CIBUS – international Food Food scheme at CIBUS Blockchain: CIBUS A clear food business scheme in blockchain technology will promote the subsequent food business classes during a international platform:
1 Agricultural production
2 Processed food producing industries
3 Distribution of wholesale or retail food
Blockbet-based businesses Cibus Ecosystems can give the correct answer for many of the revenant issues of quality and credibility of the worldwide food provide chain. advantages are often enjoyed within the following areas:
1 Track materials and packaging materials for higher food safety
2 whole protection that ends up in whole worth
3 period of time knowledge consumption to befits regulative audits
4 watching of temperature delivery conditions for sensitive merchandise
5 Compliance assurance with VACCP pointers motivated by GFSI (Vulnerability Assessment and important management Points).
6 speedy recovery of food safety knowledge within the event of a product recall
7 correct search capabilities applied within the provide chain can modify the relevant manufacturer to handle the problematic product quickly.
The CIBUS blockchain method is predicated on the Pull Model: the distinctive characteristics of the CIBUS model area unit calculated within the following model.


Underlying crypto-currency for all transaction on CIBUS platform, which is the only mode of payment for transaction fee, escrow services, advertising and analytics data. All transaction parties on CIBUS Trade and CIBUS Retail need to maintain a minimum CIBUS token balance to initiate their delas on CIBUS.

CIBUS tranpsarent global food business ecosystem on blockchain technology can promote following catagories of food business on global platform:

  • Agricultural production
  • Industrial manufacturing of procesed foods
  • Wholesale or retail food distribution

CIBUS blockchain based business can offer well suited solution to the majority of recurring quality and authenticity problems in food business supply chains worlwide. Benefits can be enjoyed in following areas:

  • Traceability of ingredients and packaging materials for best food safety
  • Brand protection resulting to brand equity establisment
  • Consumption of real time data to adhere to regulatory audits
  • Monitoring of delivery condition of temperature for sensitive products
  • Ensuring complience to GFSI motivated VACCP
  • Fast recovery of food safety data in case of product rrecall
  • Accurate traceability implanted in supply chain will enable partner producers to deal with problematic product fast.

CIBUS Project

    Provides blockchain based food tracing and transparency tool to consumers.
    Incentivized social networking platform that aims to create a global collaboration on food.
    Facilitates wholesale and business to business trade in food and supplements
    Facilitates direct retail in food & supplements between consumers & food producers.
    CIBUS AD provides an inbuilt analytics platform, provides rich and relevant data about user traffict
    Affiliate marketing platform for CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Trade at competitive rates.
    Standard five stages escrow services provided for a fee based on the transaction value
    CIBUS may consider at a later date to open it’s own Logixtics center like Fullfilment

In the present era of continuous growth in food business Food procedurs and supply chain partners today face myriad of challengers right from global competition, growth of online shoppping, to margin pressure and many more. Some of the vital needs to facilities smooth trade across food and suplements supply chain are:

  • Limited supply origin visibility
  • Informed networked consumers, demanding both value for money and higher quality
  • Heightened demand for product authenticity and transparency
  • Safeguarding against counterfeit and adulteraed products
  • Inconveniences faced by each partner in the food supply chains as broken information flow

CIBUS Token Sale

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Till 28 Feb, 2018, 10:59 AM (GMT)

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As you can see, the bonus for taking part in the opening weeks is as high as 50%, rewarding those who take part early.


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