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CoinLion will solve the problems of existing exchanges and build the world’s initial cryptocurrency exchange with integral portfolio management, twin blockchain

order book system, research, analytics, social integration and token generation capabilities.

In today’s atmosphere, managing digital assets area unit typically hard, even for the previous. The CoinLion Platform empowers users once managing digital assets. there’s a necessity for simple and powerful tools that eliminate barriers to entry for everyday users.

Researching ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings), otherwise explicit as Token Sales, can be an extended technique that not many going in crypto either don’t have the time for or don’t acknowledge what to look for anyway. To answer this, there unit of measurement folks like myself administrative unit analysis ICO’s for hours a night and check up on to hunt out the diamonds at intervals the rough and have a log for durable ROI once investment in such ventures.

There unit of measurement platforms to help hopeful investors piggyback off of seasoned traders like Covesting.iowhich look terribly promising which i’m Associate in Nursing capitalist, but Covesting doesn’t solve the matter of managing multiple portfolios for purchasers. You see, some folks administrative unit do all of the legwork to analysis ICO’s (maybe you if you’re reading this) unit of measurement wished by hopeful ICO investors which we would facilitate these investors with what ICO’s have a a lot of sturdy shot at a come back and acquire a share of the profits generated from the investment.

What is Coinlion?

CoinLion is that the business resolution for managing the advanced jungle of dealings digital assets. we’ve got an inclination to believe dealings digital currency got to be a satisfying technique. CoinLion empowers investors of digital currencies to exchange and trade at a lower place one portfolio management platform whereas providing analysis and analytics to vary the execution of smart, controlled and disciplined dealings ways.

CoinLion users can earn LION at intervals the type of many community incentives, and for sharing portfolios, research, and techniques with users. throughout a rapidly increasing market with no simple resolution, CoinLion users relish access to an ardent consumer service team dedicated to respondent your queries and maintaining with evolving restrictive and compliant standards. you buy and sell digital currency, CoinLion can the rest.


There are various features which CoinLion possess for the smooth operation and benefit of users some of those features are ;

1. It has a Portfolio management tools (PMT) which is a state of the-art portfolio management tool. It allows users to create and manage portfolios in a simple and efficient manner. With the PMT users can buy and sell multiple assets with a single click CoinLion PMT also allows users to publish portfolios and name their price in LION for allowing other users to track their portfolios. Publishers of portfolios can set a cost in LION for tracking a specific portfolio over a period: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly. This empowers users by providing a means to generate LION for creating and sharing portfolios.

2. CoinLion will support a wide variety of fiat currencies, which are cryptocurrencies and digital assets. As digital assets and currencies are continually being created, having simple and efficient access to those assets is critical. CoinLion will support most major currencies and assets and apply a strict due diligence process to acceptance of new currencies. CoinLion will maintain markets in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LION.

3. Dual blockchain system (DBS) CoinLion dual block chain system is specifically design for the purpose of speed and increase tracking and monitoring of all transaction in the system. The dual blockchain system ensures data integrity and transparency. Each blockchain is designed for a specific purpose. Working together these blockchains make it possible to achieve complete integrity, immutability, and transparency.

Limited supply
All tokens are going to be issued solely throughout ICO. there’ll be no issue when ICO. it’s coded within the LION good Contract; therefore, it is 100% guaranteed that no more tokens will ever be created.

Constant demand
LION token is that the currency that circulates inside the CoinLion mercantilism Platform with each dealings, atiny low quantity of LION tokens is captive to the reserve. Since LION provides traders with access to FREE and discounted trades inside varied markets, merely holding LION token has long-run advantages.

Community Intencives
By owning LION tokens and creating transactions inside the platform, you may be ready to earn community incentives. These incentives is earned by mercantilism, making portfolios, building, sharing content, making a following and additional.

Compliance with SEC Regulation
We worked closely with multiple first lawyers well versed in Blockchain and SEC regulation we’ve got a legal instrument that LION token is utility and not a security. this can make sure the quick listing on exchanges when the token sale.

Technical Genius
The team, World Health Organization developed LION good Contract has years of expertise in developing advanced monetary applications. However, rest assured, we have a tendency to square measure operating with AN external auditor World Health Organization can make sure the standard and security of our good Contract.


-Track and Duplicate Portfolios

-Trade without charge inside the LION Market

-Discounted commercialism once holding LION

-Create and Manage multiple portfolios with the Portfolio Management Tool

-Access analysis and Analytics inside the CoinLion Library

-Access to ICOs launched on the platform at a reduced rate

-Advertise Portfolios and promote your content on CoinLion and different platforms


-Allow users to trace your portfolios

-Create and Share content associated with the management of cryptocurrencies

-Create and Share analysis

-Create and Share methods with different users

-Allow advertising on your public profile

-Earn LION for being a prime performing artist or research worker

-Create analysis for the CoinLion library


Pre-Sale Starts November 30, 2017

1 ETH = 3500 LION – 40% BONUS – MIN: 5 ETH – Hardcap at 25 Million LION

Min Goal to start 15 MILLION LION SOLD.
If CoinLion does not reach its minimum goal, contributors will be refunded via the smart contract.

Base Price Per Token: .0004 ETH / LION | 1 ETH = 2500 LION
LION will be sent to the originating ETH wallet via smart contract promptly after the transaction has completed.

Token Sale hard cap: 250 Million LION.

Phase 1 – Min: .1 ETH – Dates: December 18, 2017 – January 7, 2018
Week 1 – 1 ETH = 3000 LION – 20% BONUS
Week 2 – 1 ETH = 2875 LION – 15% BONUS
Week 3 – 1 ETH = 2750 LION – 10% BONUS

Phase 2 – Min: .1 ETH – Dates: February 12, 2018 – February 25, 2018
Week 3 –1 ETH = 2625 LION – 5% BONUS
Week 4 –1 ETH = 2500 LION – 0%


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