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Coinvest is that the world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies. Coinvest empowers anyone to nearly invest in individual or a curated index of cryptonized assets through one coin.

Problem addressed by the project and its unique solution
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market don’t seem to be simple to know and most of the normal folks ar afraid to take a position in cryptocurrency market as they lack technological data. These investment opportunities ar simply restricted to such high data those who have sensible data regarding cryptocurrency market. Coinvest has been introduced within the market to resolve this drawback. normal folks currently may simply invest exploitation Coinvest while not the worry of security risks, lack of market data, complexness and fragmentation. Another drawback was the worry of payment security that Coinvest resolved exploitation blockchain technology. Coinvest works on the ethereal based mostly sensible contracts and every one the transactions between the users ar safer exploitation blockchain technology. so Coinvest has reduced the value, risk and has democratized the cryptocurrency investment market.

When And Why Was Coinvest Founded?
Frustrated with the complexness, fragmentation, and quality of cryptocurrency investment choices on the market on the market, Coinvest was resolute to democratize cryptocurrencies by making tools change shoppers to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies.

How Does Coinvest Work?

  • Create a Coinvest Virtual Portfolio with Your Favorite Cryptocurrencies.
  • Trade and Withdraw Investments (+ Profit) Directly with our Smart Contract.
  • Easily spend cryptocurrencies using your debit card account.

What area unit the benefits Of victimization Coinvest?

Investing in cryptocurrencies nowadays is a very tough and a intensive method. Exchanges need KYC authorization which might take hours (if not days) to validate. Coinvest de jure bypasses the KYC method as there’s no exchange in edict currency, assets, and because the Coinvest sensible contract is that the steward of your deposited funds.

Securely storing cryptonized assets is imperative however not trivial. Some coins and tokens have totally {different|completely different} standards and need different wallets. As a client, you have got to settle on between totally different notecase choices (such as hot, cold, paper, etc.) looking on your risk appetency. Storing assets yourself is possible for some; but, sophisticated and risk hacking and user-error. With Coinvest, there’s no storage of investment assets as all portfolios area unit utterly digital.

Prices in cryptocurrency may be very volatile. getting assets at the incorrect value and time may be the distinction in gains or losses. There area unit presently restricted investment choices that empower users to execute versatile shopping for choices like shorting and value limit orders. Coinvest is one in all the primary within the trade to supply this practicality.

Unlike current exchanges, Coinvest offers index funds containing a portfolio of cryptonized assets associated with elements like capitalization, industry, etc. The index funds alter users the flexibility to speculate while not severally and actively buying assets themselves. Meanwhile, providing broad market exposure, low operative expenses, and low portfolio turnover.

There area unit presently no investment vehicles that alter investors to reverend associate degreed invest in an index of cryptonized assets created by themselves. Current investment, index, and mutual funds area unit managed by third-party quality managers and supply no flexibility and management of the fund itself. Personal curated index funds on Coinvest empower users to manage the assets, distribution percentages, rebalances, and withdrawals of their own individual fund.

Decentralization and Security
Investing in cryptocurrencies need causation funds direct to associate degree exchange or investment fund (which inherently creates centralization and high risk as they’re the steward of your funds). Coinvest doesn’t settle for any funds (fiat, cryptocurrency, etc.) or payments direct from users. User funds area unit command in written agreement and controlled by the Coinvest autonomous larva (computer code) inside a sensible accept the Coinvest protocol. Users will withdraw funds or shut their positions at any time and acquire distributions mechanically via the Coinvest sensible contract. The Coinvest investment method needs no human involvement or interaction.

Backed Collateral
All investments created through the Coinvest platform area unit backed by the cryptonized assets themselves. to make sure liquidity, Coinvest employs 2 reserves. (Please visit the Coinvest Reserves section during this document for additional elaborate information) Investments can solely be dead primarily based upon accessible assets within the reserve, making certain the protection of all users. A share of company revenue is allotted for added purchases to extend liquidity and scale the reserve in relevancy growth.

Crowd sale/Token Distribution

60M Total tokens
Token Name : COIN
Token Value : 1 ETH = 300 COIN
Presale Cap 1.2M
Presale Bonus 50%

Tony Scott: Earlier CIO American governments, VMware, Microsoft and Disney
Pete Cashmore: Founder and Director of Mashable
The team is led by Damon Nam, and the entire team is shown their roles
Damon Nam: Founder and CEO
Bayron Levels: Technological Director
Taylor Rieckens: Director for Business Development
Ramiro Galan: Creative Director
Umar Irshad: Director and user interface
Kevin Huynh: Director for Analytics and Operations
Mark Ayad: Financial Director
Kim Huynh: Marketing Director
Ben Tossell: Community director
Dexaran Derat: Blockchain Engineering
Robert Forster: Blockchain Engineering
Alexander Kravchenko: Engineering
Elena Chizhova: Engineering
Dmitry Golovchenko: Engineering

Contact & Information
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