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Cryogen may be a new cryptoproject that provides a unique service compared to different cryptocurrency based mostly comes. it’s dedicated to lift fund for the event of cryopreservation technology and additionally to supply easier access for people who wish to induce cryopreservation services. delivery cryptocurrency to the medical world is so a replacement factor, to not mention that cryopreservation itself remains not usually used and also the follow is additionally still debatable.

But since the demand for this medical service is truly increasing, this project may be a superb thanks to build cryopreservation additional accessible and additionally cheaper as additional establishments give this service. It goes hand in hand with the mission of the project, that is to prolong lifetime of the folks by utilizing cryobiology technology.


In the Initial Coin giving, refrigerant can launch a utility token known as CRYO. As a utility token, CRYO won’t be used as monetary instrument. Instead, CRYO holders are going to be eligible to use the tokens to buy services from the KrioRus’ cryostore. The services that may be accessed by CRYO homeowners embrace deoxyribonucleic acid retention, neural cryopreservation. Full body cryopreservation, animal cryopreservation and additionally standby at the patient’s side. the value ranges from 1,000 to 100,000 CRYO.

KrioRus may be a Russian based mostly cryobiology company that was found in 2005. it’s the primary cryobiology company in Russia and additionally the sole one outside the North American nation. the corporate is additionally the one responsible of organizing and oversight the management of refrigerant project. albeit the corporate is in Russia, its service is out there worldwide. It works beside different cryobiology company in different components of the planet to store the body or body components that wish to be reserved.

KrioRus is thought as a cryobiology center that provides the most cost effective neuropreservation within the world. protective human’s brain with cryobiology technology solely prices around $14,000 whereas it may be 5 times dearer in different places. it’s attainable that the price of the service in KrioRus will go even lower for CRYO holders.


Give them a chance to increase their life by victimization technologies like cryobiology. The aim of the refrigerant project is to draw the eye of the world’s scientific community to country this technology, to stimulate basic analysis to make a really safe liquefy technology. Our activities can encourage analysis during this space. The results obtained throughout our work will be wont to dramatically improve the standard of people’s longevity round the world. The crypto economic breakthrough provides a chance for a breakthrough in science, owing to the mechanism of the investment crowd, that permits retreating funds to the project 2 or 3 times quicker than through the classical investment cycle mechanism.

Problems Happened

1. Aging as a Biological process
2. Absence of a cryobanks donor
3. Funding of inadequate fundamental research
4. Low life expectancy Travel space that takes time alama with less nutrition

CRYOGEN Solution

1. Cryopreservation

There are two types of cryopreservation:

Neuroprecipitation, when only the brain is fed into cryonics storage.

Preservation of the body is intact, when all organisms, humans or animals are preserved.

2. The CryoGen team intends to develop and implement:

Vitrification (deep cooling that strengthens tissue without ice formation).
Ultra-fast and even rewarming with the use of cryoprotectants with
New nontoxic cryoprotectane nanoparticles based on inert gas.

3. Traveling space

Soon our technology can be used for remote space flight.

Thus, maintaining the current pace of scientific and technological advances, the recovery of cryopreservation brains and bodies will become possible by the middle of the 21st century. Therefore, cryonics technology provides a real opportunity for radical expansion of living societies. In a rapidly evolving space of information space, the CryoGen project combines two novel convergent convergent technologies: blockchain and cryonics.

Potential Cryogen Token

1. Restricted Issue range of tokens is restricted. No more proof are going to be free.

2. Payment with CRYO solely.

Payments for a few cryobiology services, medical aid services, science shares for participation in analysis or purchase within the cryobiology market will solely be finished tokens.

3. Affiliate Networks

As the project progresses, we are going to connect all of our new network corporations, which suggests it’ll happen to get hold of tokens from outside refrigerant.

4. Edges of token payments Any token charge are going to be abundant lower
instead of payments within the standard approach currency.

5. Installment Buying
There is no got to purchase the total product right away, the acquisition are going to be created doable by collection variety of tokens at intervals a precise time-frame

6. Simple acquisition every new user are going to be ready to purchase the token directly on-line at this exchange rates.


Core Team

  • Valeriya Udalova, Co-founder and CEO of the Russian company “KrioRus.”
  • Sergey Evfratov, Head of Kriorus perfusion lab. Biochemist, a molecular biologist.
  • Yuriy Pichugin, Director of Science. PhD. International experience in cryobiology is 40 years.
  • Elena Serebryannikova, A financial adviser to the Cryogen project in Switzerland.
  • Igor Artyukhov, Co-Founder and Development Director of KrioRus.
  • Yuri Matveev, Surgeon and Perfusionist
  • Lev Leiman, Ideas Seller, Marketer, IT Developer, Blockchain Analyst
  • Tatiana Shifrina, Chief Design Officer
  • Ustin Kolbin, Director of Communications for Project Cryogen.
  • Denis Rysev, Technical Expert of the Project

Advisory Board

  • Alberto Sarmentero, an Bioengineer and the Head of the GIBiomed company, Madrid, Spain
  • Zamir Akimov, an Neuromarketer, a specialist in the field of blockchain, the Head of the NeuroDAO
    cryptofund and the Vice President of RACIB (Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and
  • Ilya Svirin, an expert in the field of blockchain and smart contract, the Founder and the Head of the
    Nordavind Group of Companies
  • Kim, C-Yoon (Kyung Sul), an Biotechnologist, Neurophysiologist and a Research Professor at the Biomedical
    Research Center at Konkuk University (Republic of Korea)

Contact & Information
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