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Freelancers workers Pose a special challenge concerning this collective labour organization. As a individualistic and thoroughly dispersed work force, they face several challenges which prevent them from executing their duties towards the fullest.

Nearly 50% of freelancers and self explanatory employees report they have systematic issues in receiving their obligations over the specified period frame. The freelancers desire a rapid payment and also with the most of security contrary to this refund. They wish the specific amount of the money stipulated from the contract with no charge after having the payment that’s received.

CryptoLancers makes it Effortless to cover and quickly to get and CryptoLancers supplies the ideal service that fulfills your customer’s objectives and problems with the cheapest cost and the ideal time potential.

The CryptoLancers ecosystem uses distributed computing to address transactions issues of internet payment solutions, underlying in existing systems, at one spread peer reviewed platform. Decentralized blockchain smart and technology contracts ease clients’ payment of job to get a trust-agnostic platform, offering a substantially reduced probability of fraud and also no counter party risk.

By investing, CryptoLancers enables platform publishers assign Activities into the affected personality. CryptoLancers supplies several services in 1 platform employing a fully distributed network and an extremely secure payment procedure.

Back in CryptoLancers, the ecosystem uses distributed computing to address trades, online payment issues inherent in existing systems, at one distributed peer reviewed platform. De-centralized blockchainchain smart and technologies contracts make it much easier for customers to spend money on the job to get a hope agnostic platform that provides a higher danger of fraud and also the lack of counter party risk. CryptoLancers provides multiple services on a single stage, utilizing a fully distributed network and an extremely secure payment procedure.

CryptoLancers Coin – CLC –
The digital currency traded in CryptoLancers platform is CryptoLancers Coins, designated and registered with the token market abbreviation:
“CLC”. The CryptoLancers Coin (CLC) is a native ethereum divisible digital token. The total number of CLC to be issued is 100 million, which will be minted, managed and governed by the industry’s leading ERC20 compliant Smart Contract technology and associated protocols, all operated over the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoLancers Coin Chips – CLCC –
The CryptoLancers Platform will securely support a digital utility coin called CryptoLancers Coin Chips: “CLCC”. These CLCC tokens can be purchased by converting CLT at the prevailing market rate. Members can only acquire CLCC by conversion of CLT. Clients will, therefore, need to own CLT in order to buy CLCC, which can only be exchanged in our BETA platform. One time the blockchain ready the CLC will be the only way to pay and use our platform and we will make an exchange for the owners of CLT.

Features and Projects
We’ve got a whole lot more in store to get your own freelancer marketplace than Simply a Freelancing ecosystem, however for all prized, it’s well worth establishing a fantastic base.
Our first principal purpose is to develop into an global platform also which our coins be at top ICOs on the industry. You wish to have our name out there so that individuals may reach not the versed nevertheless also the casual individuals additionally.

Price expectation
The number of CLT expected to circulate by the end of the year is 60,000,000, offered for sale in two rounds based on a well-studied percentage for each round. From here, we can work out the estimated CLT price predictions for the year 2018. Based on our panelists’ forecasts of value per token by Q1, the predicted market for CLT is fixed to 0.7$. The CLT price will continue to rise and in varying proportions, from 1.1$ in Q2, to 1.7$ in Q3. At Q4, CLT’s price is predicted to increase as high as 2.8$. We calculated CLT price predictions using the number of tokens expected to circulate by the end of the year and our panelists’ forecast of token’s and coin’s value by the end of the year.

Token Distribution
CryptoLancers will probably be dispersed as broadly as possible throughout a token sistribution at launching. The supply will probably include maintaining a Well calculated number to your own CryptoLancers team, together with an exclusive and public restricted deal of tokens.

Contact & Information
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