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Earth Token is Blockchain project with its vision to boost the setting, launched by impactChoice. impactChoice, that was supported in 2009, has offices ar within the U.S, U.K, South Africa and Mauritius. the corporate has been developing its ‘Natural plus Exchange’ once providing environmental mitigation auditing computer code for firms principally within the cordial reception trade, like the property edifice Verde.

Climate change may be a major risk to the worldwide economy, touching the wealth and prosperity of all voters and countries round the world. this may have a big impact on resource handiness, energy costs, infrastructure vulnerabilities and company valuation.

The company’s environmental property efforts are not any longer thought-about strictly voluntary. Customers and shareholders alike expect vital energy and emissions reductions, whereas legislators in the least levels produce new rules that need proof of adaptation adherence to temperature change.

There are a lot of future use-cases that may build Earth token an excellent blockchain development. net of things like windmills and hydropower plants and star plants are in their portfolio eventually. AN environment-friendly cryptocurrency may be a caring digital currency.

How does Earth Token work?

As mentioned earlier, Earth Token may be a cryptocurrency used as a medium of exchange. what’s being given in exchange for Earth Token is Environmental property services and technologies. The platform on that all Earth Token connected transactions can happen is that the Natural Assets Exchange blockchain platform.

Stakeholders World Health Organization embrace each investors and impactChoice can invest into the project. whereas stakeholders ar concerned in shopping for and marketing environmental property technologies, impactChoice is ensuring that the platform on that consumers and sellers meet is freed from fraud, costs ar versatile for consumers and really smart services ar provided to everyone’s’ satisfaction.

Unlike in standard businesses wherever registering a replacement business will price a quite little bit of cash, Natural Assets Exchnage blockchain platform can permit environmentalists and alternative sellers to try and do this with none price. Moreover, government polices and regulation that have an effect ons standard businesses isn’t ready to affect transactions on this platform.

What problems is impactChoice solving and solution we are offering?

Carbon Mitigation

We have ascertained organizations of all sizes to make amends for the negative environmental impacts of their business operations since 2009. Our technology platform and business model permit shoppers to spot and share environmental impacts and mitigation efforts against specific activities associated with delivering merchandise or providing services. Once the mitigation mechanism and associated prices are determined, our solutions modify shoppers to interact their customers in their business

Climate Neutral Fuels

Neutral Fuel Solutions Climate may be a peace officer approach to fuel management that improves the operational potency of burning instrumentality, like vehicles, generators and alternative assets that ar necessary to businesses and industries. Customers generally expertise clean gain by implementing our Climate Neutral Fuel answer to provide savings that they will use to fund further environmental conservation efforts.

Waste for energy

From Waste-to-energy is that the method of generating energy from primary waste materials by making artificial fuels from these materials and exploitation those fuels to form energy. In conjunction with strategic business partners, we offer chemical process plants that ar capable of changing carbon-containing raw materials like solid waste biomass, coal or town into artificial gas (Syngas).

The solutions delineate higher than serve to drive demand for natural assets through the availability of environmental property solutions, our technology allows our shoppers to deal with temperature change adaptation, and make differentiated values ​​that facilitate them build complete equity and increase market share.

Token Sale Information:

Token Name: Earth Token
Ticker : Ethereum ERC20
ICO Schedule : 23 October 2017

Token Price:

-Pre-ICO: 5200 per 0.1 BTC / 1 ETH (30% bonus)
-3 stages in ICO period:
Stage 1: 4800 per 0.1 BTC / 1 ETH (20% bonus)
Stage 2: 4400 per 0.1 BTC / 1 ETH (10% bonus)
Stage 3: 4000 per 0.1 BTC / 1 ETH
Minimum purchase: 1 ETH / 0.1 BTC
Number of tokens available: Maximum 1 Billion ETN


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