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The GATCOIN could also be a brand new crypto-currency token which will be launched on the Ethereum main network as a locality of a broader enterprise system (GAT System) for world merchants to issue their own branded digital tokens (Merchant Tokens). The GAT System permits enterprises to issue digital tokens to a mass shopper audience with borderline set-up, allowing them to quickly adopt token usage as a locality of their overall promoting strategy. The GAT Coin ar the exclusive currency of exchange for the trade of businessperson Tokens on the GAT Exchange.

The workings of the GATCOIN system ar in cooperation with merchants or merchants United Nations agency are going to be given their own authority to issue tokens that are set within the case of existing options to conduct transactions and may solely be utilized by those that have participated during this program,which later use of this token are going to be swollen throughout the globe as a method of group action.The GAT System may be a true cooperative effort by a bunch of engineers, business individuals, and selling professionals round the world. The Founder and corporate executive of GAT Systems is Simon Cheong, a blockchain entrepreneur and former World Bank lawyer.


How GATCOIN Works?

GATCOIN provides liquid, tradable, shopping incentives for the mass retail market. We are a distributed retail shopping platform where any merchant can create their own branded digital tokens and airdrop them to a target audience anywhere in the world. Tokens will replace traditional loyalty points, discount coupons and gift vouchers, and can be traded freely on our GAT Exchange.

GATCOIN’s Targeted A-Drop technology allows merchants to send digital tokens to their customers based on demographics, spending preferences and geo-location. This gives retailers unprecedented power to target audiences in real-time with real crypto currency rewards for store patronage. GATCOIN will initially launch over a retail network of 60,000+ stores and 21 major global brands in Asia in 2018 through SK Planet Japan’s social gifting program.


The GATCOIN could also be a transferable ERC20 token which will be issued and transferred over the foremost Ethereum network. in distinction to many different blockchains that exist to perform one specific set of functions (such as recording the transfer of crypto-coin from one owner to another), the Ethereum blockchain was designed to be entirely “programmable”. What this means in plain English, is that whereas traditional blockchains like Bitcoin record simple possession transactions (hence the widespread analogy of blockchain as a form of electronic “ledger”), the Ethereum blockchain records code which will be run like all different program which will normally reside on your pc. So, rather than simply requesting the Ethereum blockchain to record simple possession transfers of crypto-coin, users of the Ethereum blockchain can vogue and deploy miniature programs into the blockchain itself. These programs, that square measure replicated over thousands of nodes, can then perform any style of functions, from running a simple “ledger”, to plenty of advanced functions like following the movement of inventory through a world provide chain.


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