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What Is GUTS?

GUTS is a ticketing platform which uses blockchain technology to register ownership of smart tickets by doing so GUTS makes ticket fraud impossible. The purchased smart tickets can only be resold within a fixed price range, this means no more disgraceful prices for (secondary) tickets.

The blockchain-based ticketing protocol aims to lift an additional $17m once its initial coin offering (ICO) formally commences next month Blockchain ticketing platform GUTS Tickets has launched associate initial coin offering (ICO) it expects to lift nearly US$20m, once plans to ban price tag merchandising for quite one hundred and twentieth of face worth were torpedoed by the Dutch senate. Last week’s rejection of the six-year-old price tag Bill (Ticketwet), that Amsterdam-based GUTS says had already been “diluted to the purpose it became obsolete”, by the Netherlands’ higher house spurred the corporate to launch associate ICO, a sort of fundraising mechanism within which – almost like associate commerce, wherever investors purchase shares during a company – new comes sell ‘tokens’ in exchange for cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin or (in GUTS’s case) ether.

Industry Metrics

Global sales of sports, concerts and theater tickets online in 2016 alone were near a humongous $30 billion. This market is anticipated to extend by 13 percent on 2021. But, as unfortunate because it is, the method of shopping for tickets to such events is everything however sleek.

Despite uncounted efforts to wash up price tag market, powerful software system is on the market on-line to bypass the safety systems of major ticketing corporations. in keeping with Ticketmaster, regarding 60 percent of the most well liked tickets area unit bought by bots.


GUTS could be a ticketing system that uses blockchain technology to register possession of SMART-tickets. GUTS makes price tag fraud not possible. The price tag will solely be resold at a hard and fast worth, therefore no additional disgraceful costs for (secondary) tickets.

Use cases

Aside from accessing events, and having the ability to sell the tickets while not Fraud, GUTs will be used for food, drinks and perks distribution. A future application may additionally support permissioned access throughout events, crowd votes, the probabilities area unit infinite.


Feature 1 – Creating an account on the application

If you’re reading this post you almost certainly have a minimum of a basic understanding of ideas just like the blockchain and its usage of public and private keys. the common traveller progressing to an occurrence doesn’t have this understanding and in most cases isn’t curious learning about these ideas.
Therefor the center application creates an ethereum wallet by verifying the phone number of the user that wish to shop for a event price ticket. This verification can instantiate an ethereum smart wallet within the back-end of the protocol and assigning an unique ethereum smart wallet to the users’ account. This link are become relevant later once distribution the purchased smart tickets’ possession to the user.

Feature 2 – Dynamic QR code

After having purchased the sensible price tag via the center application the user can receive the tickets within the same web-app/browser session that was accustomed purchase the tickets at first. The purchased tickets can keep available/accessible within the browser of the shoppers phone (as the onymous data-object cached within the phones memory). once the user needs to access the tickets surfboarding to can mechanically serve the user the dynamic sensible price tag web-app displayed below with the tickets purchased by the user.

Feature 3 – Selling the smart ticket on the internal secondary market

As the user is lawfully the owner of the price ticket one ought to be ready to simply sell the ticket just in case they’re suddenly unable to attend the event. GUTS acknowledges this would like and therefore have more the likelihood of golf shot your sensible price ticket purchasable within the sensible ticket object of the web-app. If a user desires to sell his or her price ticket outside of the protocol, he or she is not ready to do thus because the QR code is not visible.The steps of mercantilism a price tag on the GET-protocol is displayed during this series of screen shots. observe that every one these actions all happen within the browser of the users phone. No app or specific software system is required to move with the price tag application. purchase your own good price tag (for free) and place it purchasable on our smart ticket sandbox!

Crowdsale Detail

GET is a cryptocurrency that will be used to buy and sell Tickets within the GUTS App.

Name: GUTS
Ticker symbol: GET
Total Supply: 90.000.000 GET
Token Sale Start: November 15, 2017
Token Sale End: November 29, 2017
Price: 1 GET = €0,49
Soft cap: €2.3 million
Hard cap: €15.0 million





Contact & Information

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