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The Gilgamesh platform is a knowledge-sharing social network powered by the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS that socially connects readers, critics, authors, and service providers, and empowers all users to become more knowledgeable and information-centric through a cohesive and engaging user experience. The platform is a resource for knowledge-seekers to unite and create an organized and infallible outlet that transforms the publishing industry and the way readers interact with one another by using Blockchain technology.

The platform is an accessible, fair market ecosystem that incentivizes readers, critics, authors, and service providers with “GIL” Tokens in proportion to their contribution through Ethereum smart contracts.

The Gilgamesh platform is a knowledge sharing platform rather a social network maintained by Blockchain. It connects various readers, authors, service providers, and ensures that they become more knowledgeable and information loaded. This will provide them with a chance to have the best user experience of all time.

A platform is a perfect place for the ones seeking for knowledge. The Gilgamesh platform is fair. It also ensures that the readers and service providers are incentivized.

The Problem

Books have been our main source of knowledge for thousands of years. However, with the advent of new technologies and the internet, there is no simple, meaningful, and productive platform that encourages book readers and authors to connect, engage, and gain knowledge.
Instead, the market is full of stagnant and outdated platforms that no longer satisfy the demands of the book community.

Powerful publishing companies control the industry by limiting authors’ ability to contribute to the market, earn a fair wage, and retain the rights to their work.
By maintaining control of the industry, publishers ensure their position as an intermediary in most book publications and sales, and earn high commissions with minimal threat to their position in the publishing process.

In general, publishers are nothing more than middlemen infringing on authors’ rights and taking advantage of the power they hold. The influence publishers have creates a barrier to communication and access among authors, publishing service providers, and readers.

The Solution

The Gilgamesh platform provides a unique, simple user experience that encourages readers to engage and connect with one another, consume more informative content, and gain knowledge.
The platform is an open market for users to socialize; find, buy, review, and discuss books; and directly influence the publishing industry. Authors will be able to publish their work through service providers and receive the full financial benefit of their sales on the platform, which will bring new authors into the market and influence the way people consume books.

Creating a secure and engaging knowledge sharing social platform that helps readers connect socially with other readers and authors in a fun and interactive way and benefits readers, authors, and self-publishing service providers by removing the gate keeping publishers from the book industry. The Gilgamesh platform will give more authors access to publishing services, connect self-publishing service providers to serious job opportunities, and open the market for readers to drive the success of books and authors through social influence.


As it is known that the Gilgamesh platform will use Gilgamesh application to go ahead with all the process. The benefits that the app will provide to the users are:

Social: The application will ensure that benefit is restored for all. The readers and the authors will have the privilege to do the following: connect amongst themselves, engage, learn from one another, and share their minds of knowledge with each other.

Simple: Once you start using the app, you will understand how simple the UI is. The app is very simple and friendly. It also makes sure that the readers and writers have a good experience and for the same, it wipes of the cognitive load.

Secure: The data that are sensitive are carefully encrypted. Everything is properly stored in the IPFS and the smart contracts.

Earn: The users can easily earn ERC20 and GIL Tokens for the contribution they make and the engagement they show on the platform.

Privacy: We all love our privacy and Gilgamesh knows it too. This is why it assures to remove censorship. Also, all the sensitive information related to the users is stored in the decentralized network.

Purchase: Users will have the advantage to buy different books and services from the platform and for the same they can use GIL Tokens to spend openly on the platform.

Advantages and Solutions

The unique platform provides equal opportunity to all its users. It encourages the readers to make connections with one another within the platform. The Gilgamesh ecosystem is an open platform to buy, review and do tons of other things. Here are the advantages that Gilgamesh has got for its users.

  • The readers, authors will have the chance to connect with each other socially.
  • The authors and providers can earn themselves a fair wage for the sales and services that they provide to the readers.
  • The users within the platform can build up their own opportunities to yield more success. This will make them happy and eventually turn them into intelligent human beings.

Token Sale

The Gilgamesh platform uses GIL tokens for the platform. The public token sale of Gilgamesh will begin from 15th January 2018. The token sale will continue for more than a month and will wrap up by 26th March 2018.

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