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What Is Globitex?

Globitex is associate degree institutional category Bitcoin exchange, with totally practical FIX API property, giving direct market access to algorithmic merchants. Launched within the summer of 2017 as a operating paradigm, is being tested in a very restricted Beta mode and is anticipated to open in early 2018.

After building exchanges to satisfy the wants of subtle institutional shoppers, we tend to currently operate Globitex from the place to begin to alter exchange of commerce partners Bitcoin and monetary unit on a secure and established platform. Building Globitex with a goal for the long run, however, needs handling one amongst the most important problems facing Bitcoin: its liquidity, or its current shortcomings.

Therefore, one amongst Globitex’s 1st goals is to launch another major currency pair; to expand the Bitcoin-FX order book, so together with instant commerce, deposits, and withdrawals in major currencies round the world. future step is to develop a kriptocurrency securities industry, wherever qualified market participants will lend their assets over a amount of your time by setting market-based interest rates.
The development of the cash market in Bitcoin are a serious catalyst in boosting liquidity and matching Bitcoin’s offer and demand within the commodities market, additionally as for future time frames, doubtless turning it into the foremost liquid currency.

As Bitcoin’s liquidity will increase, and as massive orders may be simply accommodated, Globitex can then alter a customary list of artefact futures associate degreed choices in an military formation book. spinoff contracts are physically bimanual over and changed in Bitcoin because the underlying currency. as an example, counterparties in spinoff contracts will exchange physical commodities (crude oil, jet fuel, gold, silver, copper, corn, etc.) for variety of bitcoins at maturity of the contract, or prefer of the physical. shipping and subsidence in bitcoin instead.

Business Development Stage

In order to realize the declared objectives, Globitex proposes a Sales Token, which is able to embrace the issuing and distribution of Token GBX. Token sales are going to be phased in, every representing Globitex team’s commitment to specific business development goals.
This goal is split into 3 main sections. every section assumes variety of Token GBXs sold , that successively parades the results required to progress through every development stage nominal here.


To realise the business goals set forth during this paper, Associate in Nursing Ethereum EIP-20 (previously referred to as ERC-20) sensible contract protocol primarily based token (the GBX Token) — will be issued by Globitex restricted, personal Ld. (the Company) incorporated in Gibraltar absolutely owned by AS Globitex Holding (Latvia). the corporate can use the takings from the token sale to get numerous rights to use, exploit and licence the present Globitex IT infrastructure and commercialism platform. the corporate also will use the token sale takings to more develop the eco-system, infrastructure and commercialism platform consistent with the aims delineated during this white book so as to develop the services that the Token will be changed for.


The GBX token can serve the first purpose of a method of settlement of trades on the Globitex exchange, serving as a commission payment token, likewise as used at intervals loyalty programs. saved GBX Tokens area unit meant to be burned and so for good aloof from circulation.

Token Distribution

80% sold to contributors, two hundredth maintained by the corporate, which incorporates bounty and referral programs, if enacted.

First Stage: Spot FX And REPO

The token is expected to be sold: 10,000,000–50,000,000 GBX

  • Scale spot FX, where Bitcoin can be traded vs. major fiat and other crypto
  • Apply FX — REPO trading margin capability

Second Stage: BIBOR, Money Market And Derivative Commodity

Expected tokens sold: 50,000,000–150,000,000 GBX

  • Develop a money market Bitcoin — BIBOR
  • Make a list of commodities futures and cash options
  • List of future crypto currency, swaps and options

Third Stage: GCOM Commodities Index and Physical Commodities

The token is expected to sell 150,000,000–500,000,000 GBX

  • List Bitcoin with commodity index price Globitex — GCOM
  • Enable precious metal futures contracts to be physically delivered
  • Next develops warehousing infrastructure and expands spot commodities

Details Token Sale

  • Token Sales Schedule : 8 November — 7 December 2017
  • Purchase of Token : Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash
  • Token Price : 1 GBX = EUR 0.10
  • Bonus : 5% — 15%
  • Total Supply Token : 500.000.000 GBX


Contact & Information

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