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Genesis Supply-chain platform is a company based in France. We’re developing a supply chain method to increase flight safety and streamline procedures for Aviation Industry.

GSC Aviation with this new platform has discovered that a better way to interconnect manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of aviation parts. On this particular platform they mean to mitigate all problems and flaws that can normally be found within this sort of slow supply chain process where basically every mistake may cause potentially lack of human lifestyles.

GSC aim is to provide aeronautical professionals using quality resources, the security of Blockchain technology and successful buying methods. This will make it possible for economies of scale for aerospace industry players by maximizing the supply chain all together.

To handle Planned equipment obsolescence, information is stored and secured at the GSC Aviation blockchain. The blockchain is able to alarm its MRO, Airlines and CAMO customers to the inspections and tests to be performed on each piece. The visibility with these records makes it feasible to anticipate the ordering of part by the conclusion of potential and hence to attain effective sourcing with optimum buying conditions.

GSC Aviation’s blockchain technology is utilised to store and fasten the entire life span of an abysmal item. By manufacturing to airplane installment, through general inspections, repairs or overhauls at the workshop, it is possible to consult with all the procedures performed. As a result of blockchain technology and the perfect trace ability of aerospace parts, aircraft are far passenger and crew safety is enhanced.

Blockchain technology is already experiencing accelerated growth so that emerging technology development and development predicated on technology in all fields of business and technology, therefore many investment models available to encourage the accomplishment of a development or project.

Investing in the aviation marketplace is becoming a brand new breakthrough because, GSC Aviation is just a combination of database effectiveness that has been analyzed for query processes with blockchain technology security to supply a dependable and reliable platform for updating details such as seller financial strength, quality standards, and data MRO. From the back ground, a large and decentralized computer system network records every trade created by each member of their distribution chain at a continuous and upgraded blockchain in real life.

Our Stage Comprises three key features:
– By substituting slow, manual, and repetitive procedures, mostly still relying entirely on newspaper, such as charging and shipping, for faster, digital Kinds, benefiting from a wide selection of’smart contracts’ — electronic agreements that self-execute according to predefined rules — which virtually guarantee the performance of often unknown suppliers, our solution allows companies to bypass conventional methods of establishing confidence and finding new, more advanced, more reactive suppliers, while also saving time and income.
– Based on blockchain technology, the more secure, tamper-proof, instantly available, and highly relevant information in GSC Aviation database may offer perfect traceability, as well as the direction of planned obsolescence, of available equipment and offer a total security guarantee for most MRO, air companies, along with CAMO clients, thus substantially reducing the risk of accidents because of related individual error.
– Due to the immutable, translucent, and auditable attributes of blockchain technology, the GSC Aviation may be an reply to the pressure of increasingly more efficient fraud detection processes. Our objective is to offer aeronautical professionals quality resources, the security of blockchain technology efficient purchasing protocols to allow economies of scale to aerospace industry players from changing the distribution chain as a whole.

GSC Aviation Function
To manage obsolescence at a well planned equipment, this info can be stored and secured at the GSC Aviation Blockchain. Blockchain can remind MRO, Airlines, and CAMO clients for testimonials and evaluations to be performed on each part. The visibility with these details makes it possible to anticipate ordering parts at the end of potential and therefore to achieve an effective source with optimum buying requirements.

Blockchain GSC Aviation technology is use to store and secure the full life cycle of the flight pieces. By fabricating to aircraft installation, through overall review, repair or repair at the workshop, so it’s likely to consult all the procedures undertaken. Because of the fantastic blockchain technologies and traceability of both aerospace parts, aircraft are far passengers and safer along with crew security are enhanced.


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