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What Is Hearthy?

With Hearthy we’d wish to create a localized, open and property theme to boost health care access to everyone, withal gain, making health care economical, agnostic to jurisdiction and user-centered. Hearthy basically intends to form a transactional layer sure with aid that fixes the foremost common cases that nowadays limit the health care access.

Hearthy may be a provision programmes initiated by prestigious medical practitioners. The structure structure may be a blockchain based mostly scheme. therefore outstanding regarding Hearthy scheme is that it decreases the money burdens of patients and rather empowers them. conjointly noteworthy is that the subscription is thru an automatic agent- this bespeak the wide-range of its coverage- it’s not restricted to 1 explicit currency nor to a secluded priviledged few people.


Existing attention models ar supported old paradigms. the reality is, European social insurance programs (being the foremost advanced) were established following warfare II once the population was nearly simple fraction of what it’s currently. this demographic shift towards associate aging population and a lot of patients plagued by chronic diseases is straining attention systems leading to a significant international challenge.

What will Hearthy Have?

The Product: Blockchain-Based Health scheme

Within aid operations, there’s no definitive
EHR/PHR customary. various standards, each proprietary and open supply, area unit on the market and a 1996 pool created HL7 for electronic messaging between totally different HDOs, however while not one customary within which to be aligned, ability between systems can still be a big issue, EHR vendors additionally play a market strategy that generates fragmentation.

Hearthy Kickoff and sale

To kickstart the network, associate capped variety of are sold-out supported a planned value operate that will increase over time. The funds raised from the initial sale are transferred to the Hearthy Foundation to fund the event of the scheme.

The ICO are developed in 2 phases, Presale and ICO. ICOFUNDING are our partner in terms oftoken issuing, distribution and written agreement.

The planned system can consist of

  • A Protocol: a private Health Record (PHR), that depends on distributed ledger technologies which will be used and in hand by the patient.
  • A coin: The (HER), which can empower the system.
  • The suite: Open supply tools and applications, which can boost the traction of the protocol and build the primary generation of services.

Crowdsale Details

Token supply: A maximum of 109.923.077 HER tokens will be created, unsold tokens after the ICO ends will not be minted.

Funds accepted: Hearthy is collecting funds in ETH.

Minimum investment goal: 5,000 ETH

Maximum investment cap: 60,000 ETH

Token distribution: Hearthy Co. will distribute the tokens following this structure:

Presale participants 7,91%

Early ICO participants 5,46%

Early ICO participants 10,01%

Early ICO participants 14,33%

ICO participants 27,29%

Foundation 23,00%

Founders and advisors 10,00%

Bounties program 2,00%

Token release: Tokens will be created automatically during the token sale.

Token price: A no bonus price is sold following this rule: 1,000 HER= 1ETH.

Presale participants will receive a 45% more tokens. (Example: If a presale participant buys 1,000ETH he/she will receive 1,450,000 HER)

Dates: Presale will be opened from October 15 2017 to November 15. ICO will be opened as soon as possible, our estimated time is December 2017.

Bonus Schedule:

Allocation of ICO funds:

50% for software development

25% for marketing expenses

20% for operational expenses

5% for legal expenses


Team & Advisors  

Contact & Information

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