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What Is Ingot Coin?
Ingot Coin can be a blockchain-based economic platform which supplies many different products and services which may meet the intricate requirements of users for reliable, secureand cheaper financial solutions. The Ingot platform creates a complete solution that allows users to obtain multiple financial services in one place like Exchange, Wallet, Brokerage, and Bank.

INGOT Coin (IC) plans to integrate the conventional financial Industry with all the blockchain innovation by offering a whole Ecosystem that gives crypto holders the accessibility to all financial services.

The first-of-its-kind comprehensive ecosystem will be the leader in linking the crypto universe to the latest traditional world.

This system makes it quite easy for Ingot Coin to grow quickly. In case Clients use one service, they are more likely to utilize the other relevant services, as a result of integration between both of these. This also leads to increased using the IC token, that ought to induce demand to the token upwards in the long run.

IC wallet can be utilized to transport cryptocurrencies To be utilised in more traditional approaches, allowing users to get fiat payment processes should need be. Supplemental services are offered to stakeholders within the IC community, together with certified experts assisting the development of the eco system.

The issue is the current financial system lacks in efficacy and transparency. Ineffective structure of current financial market where trade cost is high, and period is accepted longer for trade process due to third party inclusion. Most middlemen such as banks, and brokerage firms between in fiscal and trading activities deducting high fees from shareholders. There’s absence of trust issue with crypto markets because of bandwidth and lack of knowledge in the market about blockchain.

Ingot Coin created a platform which provides a complete remedy by Their 6 different components under a single stage. They are — IC Wallet, IC Exchange, IC Brokerage, IC Digital Bank, IC Certifier and IC ICO Accelerator.

– IC Wallet — It Really Is Blockchain based crypto wallet Where all of the cryptocurrencies will be stored and users able touse The wallet to ship and receive cryptocurrency easily with high Security. Users will incorporate their wallet with IC Digital Bank to Convert from crypto into fiat and viceversa.
– IC Digital Bank — It will probably be providing 24/7 Automated payment processing with their high quality online services. By making easier trades, payments under their stage also to IC Brokerage and IC Exchange works by providing online services for example E payments.
– IC Brokerage — IC Brokerage is a hub of bandwidth, Market pricing and access to all financial products at which the specifics of Investor’s financial services and products will likely be stored safely. To produce trading efficient, IC Brokerage integrate with the IC Exchange and also the IC Wallet.
– IC Exchange — In IC Exchange, exchanging of crypto To fiat, crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto, fiat into fiat is really being done. IC Exchange will soon be integrated together with all the IC Wallet, IC Brokerage and IC Digital Bank throughout their stage to get cryptocurrency exchange.
– IC Crypto Certifier — The main Purpose of IC Crypto Certifier is to build awareness and educate interested parties around the blockchain technology. By providing number of accredited courses then After finishing the classes successful graduates will receive an Industry-leading certification.
– IC ICO Accelerator — Accelerator helping to unlock Funding for several ICO projects by covering most of the aspects for creative Visions and ideas. It will be guiding entrepreneurs and startups to Raise funds readily by providing services and strategies.

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