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What is Investa?

Investa (INV) is associate degree open and non-leased blockchain that facilitates the seamless low exchange of Ethereal based mostly assets battery-powered by the Realm Platform. With this, developers will use INV as a platform to make the on top of exchange applications. For finish users, REALM are the infrastructure of a large vary of user-facing applications: INV Portal, a redistributed app that facilitates the trustless trade of Ethereum-based tokens between far-famed partners.

Fundamental Rules

The company of signatures are updated hebdomadally, different corporations are counted at the tip.The first week begins on March twenty one, Monday.For any queries concerning the campaign bounty, use this subject.The team reserves the proper to disqualify you if it considers that you simply weren’t honest in your work.The team reserves the proper to vary the foundations of the campaign bounty.

The Structure Of the Investa Company

Investa is lawfully established within the kingdom, as a non-public Ltd.. it’s all the IPs, varied licenses, technologies, and publish Investa coins. that is wherever the corporate operates suburbanized structures, from major geographical zone locations, with workers and partners within the kingdom, US, Singapore, India and Chile, soforming an oversized support community.

Why Investa Exchange Different?

Investa Exchange could be a cryptocurrency service platform that has ICO cryptocurrency and underwriting trades, thataims to unravel current cryptocurrency exchange issues. It options a zero.5% commerce price to maximisemerchant profits and market liquidity. it’s the power to method quite one thousan command per second, deliver the goods true period of time commerce expertise, and create it the world’s initial cryptocurrency exchange of high frequency commerce. additionally, it aims to unravel ICO token liquidity issues through its ICO assurance services along side the launch line of Investa.

Investa is giving the INV token that’s right away open for pre-deal allotment. The Investa stage is made and worked by older, older, older architects, innovation, fund and business. Investa isn’t solely a blockchain venture, it incorporates development, security, skillfulness and flexibility. Our originators and center gathering people ar quickly growing and can be declared sooner instead of later. The cluster has cooperated on past activities we have a tendency to|and that we} ought to guarantee we sustain our pace of advance while not intensifying name right away. many limitations on group action and classification don’t block open exposure of the gathering till such time as these lapse.
Representatives Investa and its accomplices speak to the foremost astounding quality staff in their field and that wear charmed to be related to this visionary venture.
InvestaCo is targeted on execution a completely simple method even past open supply. Here ar other ways we tend to expect to present straightforwardness and cluster management. participating in an exceedinglyaccountancy firm for outsider reviews, are going to be accounted for to the cluster. Authors are going to berestricted to merchandising their INV at a rate of over two hundredth of the mixture pool within the primary year. this is often to stay the selling and keep the price of the token stable. It likewise holds their interests in accordance with the INV folks cluster for quite an whereas.

Token INV

The INV Token may be a sensible contract token supported ethereum ERC-223 compliance.

Token are going to be issued by Investa upon completion of public token sale.

Holder token are going to be ready to use INV within the Investa platform as a payment tool for all services in our APP.

For example, INV holders are going to be ready to use their tokens to buy Investa’s crypto basket, which can take the token allocation from different ICO pre-sales, managed by our INV managers.

INV holders may place their tokens into our programs like Enterprise and launch area, for loans to little businesses and different approved borrowers.

INV tokens may be used as a method of payment for coming Investa Events, like the annual crypto summit, INV roadshow, or our mindshare forum. This event are going to be revealed in due time and INV holders are going to be ready to attend, once paying for a price tag mistreatment AN INV token.

Finally, INVs is used inside our payment network, like to load a paid positive identification with funds which willbe used as decree currency to any merchandiser on the Union Pay network.

Or our users will transfer INVs to different Investa users, United Nations agency will then redeem them in numerous different currencies, like BTC or FIAT — so we tend to enable our users level of monetarymanagement and suppleness that wasn’t antecedently accessible.

Contact & Information
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