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What is the distinction protocol and platform? provides a protocol that permits interaction between parties of a deal and its judges for blockchain transactions. The protocol is free and open to be used by the general public.And The platform could be a localized platform wherever deals ar created. It provides the chance to own deal-related disputes resolved by judges. This platform is AN implementation of the protocol that relies on the Ethereum blockchain.

New resolution to previous issues

The modern system of dispute resolution must be reinvented as a result of variety of disadvantages in its essence:

  • High price
  • Trial Timeframe
  • Execution of Sentence
  • High entry needs
  • Jurisdictions
  • Lack of selection


Applications From Jury.Online

There are several applications offered by include:


Money is hold on on a sensible contract balance. Have an entire management of its transfer.

Customer protection

Protected collateral in cryptocurrency. guarantee your customers with unforgeable security.

Milestone payments

Make complicated deals during which the payment is dampened into many installments.

Dispute resolution

Take associate experience to search out out WHO is correct and WHO is wrong.

Overseas deals

Distance is unreal. create deals throughout the world.


How it works

Parties agree on the terms of the deal, then the deal is placed into the blockchain in kind of good contract that stores cash in cryptocurrency. when palmy execution of the deal the money is transferred to the recipient. If the parties have a dispute, their deal is revised by a panel of field-expert jurors United Nations agency create the ultimate call by a majority vote.


Blockchain – agnostic protocol

Open supply protocol with clear specification with the chance of integration with any blockchain platform victimization sensible contracts. The protocol is freelance of underlying blockchain technology.

Fair trial ANd an anti-corruption system incorporates a spread of anti-corruption systems. Jurors won’t recognize the verdicts of alternative jurors to stop them from taking the choice voted for by a majority. Economic and rating motivation forces judges to research and resolve disputes fairly and properly, instead of to willy-nilly pass their verdicts.

Jury market shapes localized freelance jurors market. Jurors offer a value that they’re able to work, therefore the counterparties recognize earlier what proportion a possible dispute would price and should accurately estimate their risks.


Decentralized and secured operations supported blockchain technology.

Customization of decision making

Counterparties will choose jurors out of a pool that makes a speciality of the particular field that’s relevant to the deal.


Easy reference to third parties: on-line stores, freelance platforms.



When Will the ICO Release?

The dates for the ICO can be: from 23 October 2017 14:00 UTC to 3 November 2017 14:00 CET. Sale – from 13 November 2017 14:00 UTC to 13 December 2017 14:00 CET.


The ICO has 2 stages:

1. Presale — wherever up to 20% of the maximum number of tokens issued is sold .
Price: 1 ETH = 300 JOT (1 JOT ≈​ 0.0033 ETH).

Presale discount is half-hour whereas the minimum quantity of tokens to shop for is ten 000 JOT.

2. Sale — wherever the minimum quantity is 5 JOT.
Price: 1 ETH = 210 JOT (1 JOT ≈​ 0.0048 ETH).

The 21,000,000 JOT offered to public is split into:

1.Presale supply: 4,200,000
2.Sale supply: 16,800,000

The currencies accepted square measure BTC, ETH and USD.

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