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What is is that the platform for reviewing on Blockchain, utilizing blockchain’s unchangeability to supply the simplest potential transparency and making conditions for reviewers to profit from providing quality reviews, yet as simply and directly move with users and suppliers of product or services entirely trustless.
Lina isn’t simply an internet site however it’s a Blockchain-based platform in order that everybody will build their own review system to develop community and manage their own businesses. All Lina-based review channels square measure globally connected.

Lina.Review believes that with a solid and reliable team and system, Lina.Review will give Users, a secure and powerful Product and repair Review Platform, and supply Users with multiple edges and assist the corporate to extend their promoting by providing quality reviews associated with their services and product. Team Lina.Review conjointly believes that with systematic and skilled development, Team Lina.Review will build a stronger platform than similar platforms.

Value of on-line product review
With the explosion of the web, product reviews became a vital think about building complete image and business name. A negative review will seriously have an effect on the name of the business. This has even created AN business referred to as “reputation management” with the first functions of serving to corporations “concealing” dangerous reviews. However, from the users’ perspective, this is often not a decent factor as a result of it hinders them in accessing clear and trusting reviews. In Martin Lindstrom’s promoting book “Buyology”, he wrote regarding “mirror neurons” somatic cell reflections: neurons that fireplace once AN action is being performed and once that very same action is being ascertained. He declared that is usually|this can be} associated with the very fact that the user once deciding to shop for a product is often influenced by the interaction and review of alternative users of the merchandise. in keeping with the statistics from church bench centre, more than 50% of US adults under 50 years of age regularly consult online product reviews before deciding on spending. In another survey conducted by the Center, 82% of adults in the United States said they “sometimes” read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and 40% of interviewes said they always or almost always read online reviews.

What Makes Lina a special review?

  • Transparency: Provides Transparent Review and Assessment Results that are transparent and in line with the reality for users and everyone can verify it.
  • Can not be manipulated with blockchain technology Values and scores are decentralized so they can not be forged or manipulated by any third party.
  • Criteria: has introduced a set of criteria applied to over 20 areas ranging from technology products to medical services.
  • Getting the Ability of the Viewer and Assistant (Expert) can obtain Lina tokens based on the quality of their contribution, which is assessed by the public.
  • Hybrid Architecture: being the bridge between the public etereum chain (mainnet) and the excellent transactional blockchain private scalable service using a hybrid architectural approach.
  • Great Assistant Networks of a vast and growing professional community around the world. Everyone is welcome to join lina at

Lina Token

Lina Token (LINA) is the original token of Lina Platform. This will be an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum, a blockchain-based decentralization platform for applications that run exactly as programmed in the absence of fraud, censorship or third-party intervention to facilitate contractual agreements online in a cryptographically safe way.

The number of LINA tokens made is 900,000,000. 33.33% of all LINA tokens (300,000,000) will be available for sale to the public in the LINA Token Generation event. 66.67% of all LINA tokens (600,000,000) will be locked in Intelligent Contracts to be released annually for 10 years (60,000,000 Tokens per year).


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