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What is Live Stars?

According to the Whitepaper, Live Stars aims to form a revolutionary platform for the digital camera model trade through the employment of blockchain technology. The digital camera trade is AN exciting and growing niche; in 2013, the the big apple Times calculable that the annual revenue from webcamming was over $1 billion, which the revenue generated through webcamming described twenty fifth of all the revenue within the creative activity trade as an entire. The revenue generated within the digital camera trade has little doubt inflated since 2013.

Live Stars aims to technologically revolutionize this field by addressing and determination many key problems at intervals the industry: high commissions, payment delays, and lack of obscurity for users. In essence, Live Stars aims to form a basically new digital camera platform to form a additional economical, secure, and convenient interaction between the users, the models, affiliates and also the Live Stars platform.

How Live Stars offers AN Improvement to Webcamming

There square measure many problems with common digital camera websites nowadays, like LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, ImLive, and others.

The first issue is high commissions. On average, leading digital camera sites have a commission of 60% — that means that if a user sends $100 to a digital camera model, the model can solely get $40 whereas the workers retains the opposite $60.

Furthermore, payments from user don’t continually correspond to the secure rate; hidden fees and conversion rates for currencies results in deductions of the number sent to digital camera models. this may cause the digital camera models to dislike and distrust the platform. mistreatment blockchain technology, however, Live Stars is ready to ensure their digital camera models up to seventieth of the money sent to them by the users.

Another issue that digital camera websites face is lack of obscurity for its user. digital camera sites typically have databases that contain the subsequent information:

● Thriving and Declined Transactions

● Mastercard Details

● Science Addresses, location, time of login/logout

● Names and Surnames

Furthermore, all user activity on the platform is recorded. This includes logs of chat conversations with the models. Live Stars offers a novel resolution by giving complete obscurity and security through the employment of cryptocurrency/blockchain. By solely permitting Live Star’s users to pay through cryptocurrency, it removes the need of gathering and storing personal dealings and card info regarding its users.

Another drawback that users of ancient digital camera model websites face is errors throughout payment. in a very ancient digital camera platform, payments from the user sometimes undergo multiple third party services for payments. this may typically result in errors and failures of the payment, and payments are often delayed or maybe off.

Live Stars solves this drawback, as mentioned earlier before, by having all payments be a cryptocurrency. This not solely makes payment a lot of quicker, however conjointly far more secure furthermore.

Another drawback that several digital camera models face is lowest withdrawal amounts. as an example, most digital camera sites solely permit a digital camera model to withdraw their cash when they create $50 or additional. Their cash is basically barred on the web site till they reach the minimum quantity. Even once the digital camera model reaches the minimum quantity, the model needs to watch for the payment amount to urge their earnings. Models might need to wait per week, or maybe longer, before they receive their payments. This causes digital camera models to be pissed off and dislike several of the present webcamming platform offered nowadays.

By mistreatment cryptocurrency, the Live Star model guarantees that digital camera models will withdraw their funds whenever they require, with no minimum withdrawal quantity. Payments square measure machine-controlled through the employment of smart-contracts, removing the requirement for an individual on the Live Stars team to authorize the payments. A corollary issue with payments is chargebacks from purloined credit cards. It’s terribly simple for the particular mastercard users to dispute charges from purloined credit cards, and also the web site is then indebted to refund the money given to the digital camera model. These funds square measure then aloof from the digital camera models account. Again, the employment of cryptocurrency solves this issue as mastercard fraud becomes not possible.

Overall, Live Stars may be a superior service to current digital camera services like ImLive, Chaturbate, Streamate, BongaCams, and LiveJasmin. Live Stars can supply not solely decentralization however even be open supply, have complete obscurity for its users, share a better share of revenue with its models, and haven’t any minimum payout.

LIVE token are going to be needed to use Live Stars service. Token has restricted offer. With the expansion within the range of shoppers and total trade revenue, token demand can grow rapidly.

Live Stars additional advantages

There will be no purchase limits on the platform.

Additional work will be done in order to make our platform compatible with the modern Lovense and Ohmibod toys. These are simple adult toys which are very popular with the models.

We plan to cut server maintenance expenses by utilizing peer to peer content distribution network for public streaming.

Private video chats and messages will be carried out through webRTC on ‘one-to-one’ principle without a server. No mediators (including administrators) will have access to private information.

The key features of the platform are:

  • Complete anonymity and security of users
  • Data stored safely and in encrypted way
  • No mediators and limitations in the financial segment
  • The highest earning rates for models
  • Private chat encoding even from Live Stars sta
  • Serverless video chat technologies
  • Open source code


Fundraising and issuing Live Stars tokens will serve as the means to finance the marketing and advertising of the Live Stars platform, as well as the Live Stars platform software development. Live Stars tokens will be used to make payments on the Live Stars platform.

During the presale stage, the funds can be sent with ETH currency. The contract’s address will be announced on before the beginning of the crowd sale. The tokens will be transferred immediately afterthe funds are received at the contract’s address. 200 million “LIVE”tokens will be issued in total.

ICO Details

  • Presale (September 2017)
    During the presale stage, 20 million LIVE will be sold. 1 LIVE cost = $0.05
    (1/4 ofthe price during the second round)
    Hard Cap — $1,000,000
    Alltokens not sold during presale will be available during ICO.
  • ICO (November — December 2017)
    120 million LIVE will be sold during ICO
    Hard Cap — $24,000,000
    1 LIVE cost = $0.2
    Tokens not sold during ICO will be frozen and non transferrable untilthe end of 2019.

Distribution Tokens

  • 10% will be available for participants during the presale stage
  • 60% will be available for participants during the second round ofthe crowdsale
  • 14% will be allocated to the Live Stars fund
  • 14% the team will receive as a bonus
  • 2% will be allocated to bounty campaigns

Distribution Funds

  • Software development
    30% of the funds will be allocated to the main group of Live Stars developers for financing the creation of the initial prototype and after that creation of all the necessary improvements in order to obtain a fully working version. It includes the costs ofindependent safety audits.
  • Marketing
    60% of the funds will be allocated to marketing, attraction and engagements of the models and users to the existing Live Stars platform.
  • Legal
    10% of the funds will be allocated to the development of solid legal basis for the Live Stars platform.



Pre-sale will begin on 21 September 2017. During the pre-sale stage 20 million Live will be sold. 1 Live cost = $ 0.05, hard cap — $ 1,000,000. ICO is planned to start from November to December 2017. Estimates of 120 million Live will be sold out during ICO runs. On sale ICO price 1 Live cost = $ 0.2, Soft Cap — $ 1,000,000, Hard Cap — $ 24,000,000.


Contact & Information

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