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A decentralised supply of booking system. Bookings area unit in deep trouble building rooms, accommodation and personal properties. it’s useful in business enterprise marketplace. As during this new era everything is completed mistreatment technology and net. LockChain provides a user friendly marketplace for the tourists to book hotels and accommodation on-line that forestall them from dishonest agents. this is often commission free system. LockChain have agreement with travel business worldwide which offer the accommodation to the client however the booking is via LockChain with 0% commission.

Lockchain for Landlords

Lockchain mobile customers and marketplace’s internet goes to market easy-touse interface to place in and edit their lists on the decentralised LOC ledger. they’re attempting to market comfort for his or her customers or purchasers by providing them a straightforward thanks to transfer lists from one forum to a different. they’re additionally supporting or backing already gift transactions system like (e.g. PayPal, credit cards) as associate choice as a result of they already contains a system associate rule system which can convert all external currencies to LOC utility token mechanically.

The cooperation between decentralised LOC ledger and marketplace offers associate system that is powerful, robust and self-sustaining to challenge the simplest service suppliers within the accommodation sector of 500 billion dollars.

Mobile App for purchasers

Clients are able to see the simplest property, by mistreatment latest technology as well as mobile apps and internet service. we are going to target marketplace to be as comfort for users as attainable, by providing them simple and comfy use.

The zero or no commission service that by default may be a service of decentralised LOC written account, area unit planning to offer them rock bottom rate, which can be applicable only if owner of the property and finish client take care of each other directly. presently the middleman gift within the market receives their own commission that is 10 to 25 proportion of the deal that may be a great deal. By emotional the Loc written account as decentralised answer can offer this price to finish client, which can promote simple and low cost travel. By dividing the marketplace like can enhance price of the Loc token and can support a modification valuable in business.

Concession for Users

The network is created of 2 main elements market place combined with LOC ledger for decentralised booking, providing 20% less prices to the end user. As of now, we’ve quite 7000 hoteliers and property house owners during a preliminary contract and by the tip of this year we tend to attempt to build them on the market for purchasers for payment of LOC.

Strategic Importance

Our arrange is straightforward and our team is well equipped to execute it, we are going to begin by raising funds within the ICO by activity tokens and so produce a vigorous marketplace, gather a minimum of 7000 hoteliers and providing peerless costs to customers (20% less by eliminating commissions). additionally thereto, hospitable startups to administer access to decentralised LOC ledger, eliminating monopolies and rewardful loyal customers. when self-made launch in 2017 we tend to aim to expand and add a lot of properties, connected services in 2018.


Token Sale

Project Description: Lockchain is Associate in Nursing scheme and marketplace for dealing edifice rooms, non-public properties or accommodations, that permits finish customers and property homeowners to wear down one another on a suburbanised platform with none fee or commisions.
Ticket Symbol: LOC
Token Background: LOC is built as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain
Pre-Sale Goal : 10.000.000 EUR Total
Raise Goa l: 25.000.000 EUR
Start : 16:00 GMT on 3rd of October 2017
End : 23:59 CET on 1st of December 2017

Contact & Information

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