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MetaMorph is an easy Coin Exchange interface that May switch Digital monies from one crypto currency into another. The transition of coins we all predict “Morph” unites the very popular cryptocurrency on the market.

The MetaMorph team intends to start the METM coin as part of this ICO Together with the easy-to-use and unique Coin Exchange Platform to give users with the very best exchange rates together with low spreads, the capability to secure and back up their coins and the capacity to quickly and easily move cryptocurrencies around without the intricacies of classic exchanges that are complicated and quite hard to manage in todays market.

MetaMorph is your first of its type; allowing anyone to readily Swap and store coins at a secure wallet, check the portfolio using an easy-to-understand chart and copy from realtime.

The Manner exchange functions is we utilize hash-time logged contracts Which basically means whenever you ship over a transaction and its own received by the other individual it’ll either pay or refund either of these within a completely trustless this lets traders that you might or might not know to buy or sell anonymously while using your account stay protected and safe.

Purpose Platform

Would be to provide an exchange system involving cryptocurrencies and Digital assets using a large, active and friendly community. Offer new methods for customers to flip a proft by buying cryptocurrencies in a low cost and possibly sitting on those resources to later swap or sell out into other coins of higher worth. To give an exchange platform for associates that can feel protected and safe with up to date technology and leading clinics.

The Way It Platform Works.? functions swap coins out of one market to another using a Simple and easy can switch with digital currencies from one cryptocurrency to another. The coin switching which we predict “Morph” joins the very well-known cryptocurrencies on the marketplace.

The MetaMorph Team strategy to launch METM coin as part of the token Sale alongside an easy-to-use and very unique Coin Exchange Platform to give an individual the best exchange rates with low spreads, the ability to procure and backup their money and the power to rapidly and readily move cryptocurrency around with no hassle of traditional trades which are more complex and excessively hard to control in todays market.


The eyesight is to get cryptocurrency trading to continue Moving forward we believe a resilient trading environment will become necessary. Together with we really saw the need in the marketplace through our own insecurities, I had my personal causes and experienes that led me about this particular path of building the worlds most user friendly exchange. Friends and household losing passwords and perhaps not understanding how to trade precisely on these much too advanced and over markets that are complicated. We believe it is the right time to create out to the market a decentralized easy to use all in one tool using advanced level coverage solutions however with no complications and compliance issues that a traditional crypto exchange has.

Benefits and Drawbacks

With Centralized exchanges They’re typically easier to use (let me Quote for innovative traders) nevertheless complicated for crypto traders becoming started, the upside down that they do have more advanced tools and liquidity. With Decentralized today they are not easy to work with, they’ve got basic features and the user experience is really poor resulting in people with them and resulting in lower liquidity.

At we’re on a quest to Make the best De-centralized Swap on the planet that may be easy to work with, provides high level tools, it will have lowest fees, you’ll have full control over your budget, possess the ability to exchange anonymously, have no opportunity for hacks or server downtime.

With MetaMorph Pro you are able to conduct these trades in a Exceptionally trustless manner without fearing when your tokens are Leaving your possession or any time you are making a transaction leaving an Opportunity for the own coins to be hacked because you are entirely control.

Token distribution
Pre-sale begins: April 27, 2018
Starting from ICO Launch: May 28, 2018
Acceptable currency: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Waves
Number of tokens for sale: 120,000,000 out of a total of 200,000,000
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 8,555 METM, 1 BTC = 116,888 METM
Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH, 0.01 BTC, 10 WAVES

Contact & Information
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