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What is Morpheus Network?

Morpheus Network is creating a platform that will allow businesses to utilize blockchain technology for import/export, supply chain tracking, inventory tracking and payments. Not only will Morpheus Network include these elements in the system but all actions required will be automated using predetermined Smart Contracts. Conventional that the completion of one task will trigger the subsequent part of the smart contract. Morpheus Network components can be used individually or altogether and the working platform does not require both sides to use it sell to work effectively.

Morpheus Network simplifies and automates the logistics, documentation and compliance necessary any kind of complex, international shipment regarding any company or individual using Smart Contracts.

The documents are residing in an external container that allows the Morpheus Network Contract to fully exploit the power of blockchain capacity flexible support personal data. This guarantees the right balance between privacy and transparency.One of the characteristics of the block chain is data consistency as soon as the data has been written onto the blockchain, no one absolutely no the system administrator,can transform.This benefits Morpheus Network users by creating secure audit paths for all documents and transactions for making sure compliance with local legal requirements.

Platform from The Morpheus network has an easy and intuitive dashboard interface. Interacting with the network by checking or adding Smart Contract goals in the supply chain is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.Can easily view the flow of funds and documentation in any transaction and use the Morpheus Network features such as warranty payment services and document digitization.It also comes with an authorization setting that determines that the document or the purpose of the Smart Contract is kept private and that can certain you’re seen and shared with the courier,the customs broker and the shipper.

Why The Morpheus Network?

Other blockchain and non-blockchain based services available, such as TenX, Monaco, Paypal, Alipay and Wechat, don’t offer the same security and functionality when it for you to international transfers using the import and export industry. Generating and storing original documentation on the blockchain such mainly because manufacturing or work contracts and shipping forms (commercial invoices, packing lists, insurance documents, bills of lading) is a feature to the network and not only a part of the retail, payment processing world whether written on blockchain technology or not. Same goes for many major functions of the Morpheus Network like automating supply chains, escrow smart contract payments, integrating other blockchain technologies, automated shipping documentation generation, import/export tutorial services and more.

What Is Being Automated?

First lets offer you a very simple review how the import business works.

– Importer orders merchandise from overseas manufacturer to fill order requests.

– Importer pays percentage of costs upfront.

– Manufacturer supplies product.

– Product is imported to center.

– Product passes through Customs.

– Importer receives product and pays manufacturer the residue.

– Product is shipped.

How these are automated:

Order Requests

Morpheus Network will use smart contracts to automatically place orders for groups. For example, if a retailer decide an additional shipment of women’s dresses their order will trigger a smart contract to put an order with the manufacturer. The smart contract will collect and transfer money between individuals at each step required.


Morpheus Network address payments in two ways. Quite is by way of SWIFT, a messaging system that allows the transfer of money between over 1600 bank brands. SWIFT is the dominant form of money transfer for businesses and creations. The Morpheus Network will also allow itself to work with other systems like Ripple, FedWire and CHIPS. Due to SWIFT the Morpheus Network will allow customers to get paid in the currency of their home country regardless of where purchaser is.

The second means of addressing payments is present in the MORPH token as being a form of payment. MORPH would used a cryptocurrency and might converted to FIAT by using an exchange.

Payments tend to be handled via smart contract and can be tied to milestones regarding location or time. Make sure to prevent loss dollars the platform will a great integrated escrow system this also allow parties to lock payments in until the milestones are met.


The Morpheus Network will utilize Artificial Intelligence to the most efficient method, route, cost and timing of shipping. Morpheus will work with all involving transport including trucks, ships, airplanes and trains.

Customs Documentation

Customs and government required documentation is still heavily reliant on physical newspaper. Morpheus will digitize much of this specific paperwork and store it on the blockchain (providing ownership and immutability) via SIA.

The platform will also autogenerate required Customs documents for importers, exporters and shippers. The working platform will create it simple for brand spanking new importers to tackle complete process as well as can even link customers with brokers and other necessary businesses.


Tracking tend to be conducted using blockchain. The tracking of items and inventory will require location, shipping and receiving information to be logged on top of the blockchain. The details will be recorded within a similar for you to a transfer of cryptocurrencies. This supply chain data will be immutable and shall provide an elaborate overview associated with shipping intel.

There are lots other players in this flow that weren’t mentioned including overseas shipping agents, customs brokers, distributors and end-users. these players are integrated by the Morpheus Network in some fashion.

Token And ICO Details

The MORPH Token just what will be functioning considering that the standard currency on prestashop. This is actually definitely an ERC20 Ethereum based token which provides added safety.

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