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Introduce Movitoken

For the acquainted with seeing the movie industry as a dream manufactory, it’s laborious to imagine a moving picture business as a strong machine creating money for folks that crave events and spectacles, MoviToken provides you not solely an answer, you may even be ready to simply purchase their services during a matter of minutes only, innovative token movi solutions for existing issues and obstacles that undermine each the standard of the film the dearth of transparency of the money aspects and therefore the frequent allegations
Movitoken may be a cryptocurrency supported ERC20 created as an answer within the movie industry, the numerous services and advantages this platform offers, from creating movies to purchase those that participate within the distribution of films, this platfrom conjointly provides a chance for producers World Health Organizationarea unit experiencing money difficulties.

MoviToken sees several of the obstacles baby-faced by the planet of cinema, access to finance, and fraud in paying to create productivity in manufacturing work as a significant matter that’s presently close the planet of cinema, such a large amount of unworthy works that appeal flick viewers.
MoviToken brings solutions in empowering each trade from filmmakers to their producers and crew, this platform cangive a chance for everybody UN agency is within the production of the film to induce paid in line with the foundations set forth within the rules, this may encourage the creation of a piece that may actually give price, and may attract a lot of viewers
The use of blockchain technology by exploiting good contracts can create the ecosystems within the cinema world build their own economy, MoviToken may be a utility token that may be a lot of profitable for any industry, additionallyto movable token movable moves into tools to induce all the services in token flick plates, any the launch of fine works on tv, web series, documentary films will solely be accessed employing a flick token.


The independent film community gains power from trading MoviTokens as it allows producers to completely use a community currency on movie projects. It also limits the use of cash. Some use cases are:
• Crowdfund with MoviToken only, then trade on exchange
• Cast and crew can be paid with MoviToken
• Utilize MoviToken with investors, keeping accountability on the blockchain
• Producers can make request from distributors for payment, in MoviTokens.
• MoviToken can be accepted for services


The use of MoviTokens will drive movie inventiveness and ingenuity and will stop cash from going out of the movie community. It will ensure that cash is circulated within all film communities all over the world. In addition, MoviTokens will foster trust and support within the indie film community. The MoviToken allows everyone to participate and contribute to the indie film community.


The world of cinema is currently controlled by a conglomerate, they management the business by implementingonerous rules, and also the pay is pricey for film production, several abilities square measure wasted attributable to inability to fulfill the established needs, MoviToken aims to revolutionize freelance film production by putting it in blockchain Ethereum, enzyme numerous proficient and inventive voices round the world UN agency willcurrently have a true probability during a career within the industry, just by adopting the employment of MoviToken on their comes and receiving MoviToken for his or her services Using MoviToken prevents money departure the community, increasing vitality. MoviToken ensures that cash circulates regionally among each flick community round the world, id est each town, town, village, etc. that is home to the “movie scene”. MoviToken constructs trust and support from the photo indicate group. Use MoviToken by advancing innovativeness and intelligence inside the film group, creating aptitudes and potential. MoviToken is extremely extensive, allowing everyone, despite remaining, to coordinate and add to the photo indicate group.


MoviToken could be a manufacturer of tools and filmmakers will use to supply additional competitive productions, i.e.filmmakers will pay cinematographers to bring all of their camera gear for feature films, storing loads of money for alternative production wants. rather than complaintive regarding ne’er commercialism situations, authors willhash out payouts in MoviToken. the author will then turn and manufacture his own motion-picture show together with his MoviToken possession. really money has forever been a restricted resource for indie producers (and even Hollywood is taking cost-cutting steps however that is another discussion for various platforms), MoviToken helps bridge the finance gap a trifle additional.

MoviToken Today

MoviToken is currently trading on the following exchanges:,,, and
In addition, MoviToken can be purchased and sold via
MoviToken symbol: MOVI
MoviToken contract: 0x623B925b0A57a24EA8dE301F2E3E692cE903f0c3


250 million MOVI – Southern Meridian, LLC
250 million MOVI – TBA Production Studio
500 million MOVI – Market


Q2 2018
• MoviToken will partner with Bancor for continuous liquidity. This alone can promote trust and use within the indie film community.
• The first production studio to adopt the use of MoviToken will be announced.
Q3 2018
• The first feature film to be produced with MoviToken will be announced.
• MoviToken will partner with a crowdfunding platform to assist filmmakers with raising funds for their projects.
• Production to begin on the first MoviToken funded feature film. (late Q3)
Q4 2018
• By Q4 2018, MoviToken should be listed on more than 1 major exchange and incorporated by several dApps. MoviToken is currently working on becoming listed by Komodo’s BarterDEX and ETHlend’s Lending Platform.
• Release of the first MoviToken funded feature film.
• Southern Meridian, LLC will publically release the first of several case studies on the use of MoviToken to produce a motion picture. Data and findings will be provided by an independent research firm. (The exact date is highly dependent upon distribution schedule).

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