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What is Myriads?

Myriads is manufacturer new machine learning network that is decentralized and based on blockchain. The system allows for computing power of GPUs to analyze large amounts of data and make predictions. Depending using an accuracy of the predictions, the miners are rewarded accordingly.

With the Myriads network, humans don’t set the prices of machine learning services. Prices are constantly regulated in keeping with user demand and existing resources. The network is open source, reliable, transparent, secure, and completely decentralized. With the Myriads network, miners can earn income in the regarding MRDS tokens when loaning their tools. Buyers are able to pay for using this computational power.

Large companies or individuals often require large amounts of computational power that you could to run their algorithms for machine learning. There are sometimes problems associated with running a large network, and limitations can be handled by using graphic cards that additional powerful, or distributing the computing load among more people using a central server. In this way, the crowd sourcing of computing power is suitable. This is what the Myriads network will be utilized for. The clients will provide data and algorithms into the Myriad network. The Myriad network then splits the available tasks between all available miners that on the group. An algorithm using blockchain is used to split on the data. Each piece of data is stored encrypted on the Myriad network.

The whole aim of this platform in order to learn and find patterns in data sets using machine learning. It is of great importance to check the performance of a different model. To accomplish this, an user can have the model predict an answer, and then compare the prediction to the actual figure. The Myriad platform uses three types of learning scenarios. They are binary classification, multi-class classification, and regression.

The mining on the Myriad network differs utilizing types of mining such as bitcoin. With Myriad, the mining means making predictions based off of data, right now there is evidence of work required. Without proof, people could wind up paying for false or fake forecasts. Work must even be simple to verify. This helps in cutting the lag time in networks.

There are three forms of nodes in the network. Their early node is Machine Learning Network (PoW), which uses the power of graphics processing unit to produce a feasible machine learning machines. The second node is Verification Nodes (PoW + PoS). It verifies and checks every work done by Machine Learning Nodes and Prediction Nodes. In addition, there is Prediction Nodes that generates prediction influenced by data and models get been uploaded in the network.

How Does Myriads Perform it’s Magic?

End-Users (individuals and companies) require huge GPU computation power for machine learning algorithms. They pay with MRDS tokens for learning network electric. Large models in machine learning can dramatically improve results. With the appearance of deep learning, area is rapidly expanding. However, large neural network models face infrastructure

limitations. These limitations can be overcome in many ways. One self is to get more powerful graphical processing units (GPUs) that are prepared for the computational load. Another approach is always to distribute stress to clients speaking to some server for batch training updates. Thus

it may be possible to crowdsource the computational power important to train models and incentivize participation by way of a Myriads.IO token-based network.

End-User send data and machine learning algorithm to Myriads community. Myriads network generate multiple tasks for all miners over the network, blockchain algorithm split all data into parts. A chunk can be a portion associated with the encrypted data to be stored on Myriads.IO mlm.

Chunking contains a number of advantages to security, performance, privacy and availability. Files should be encrypted client-side before being chunked. This protects info from revealing unauthorized extraction of files. The data owner retains complete control over the encryption key, and thus over associated with the specifics.


All GPU engine machines are controlled by a centralized cloud service

authorities like Google Cloud, Amazon Learning Machine, Microsoft Azure Machine learning.The server machine learning price is too much and the company gets superprofits and controls all industries. The computing power of a centralized services are much below what the possible strength of the GPU on the Myriads.IO network that is decentralized with myriads of computers with GPU.The centralized security platform relies on a centralized government IT security and can be controlled by central experts. Can be hacked or perhaps your data can be stolen by employees or hackers.


Myriads.IO is the decentralized protocol producing a distributed machine learning architecture using blockchain technology. Our bodies allows idle GPUs computing power to analyse big data and predict the future, while rewarding miners for the precision of their predictions.


1. All-time low price in line with perfect market. No human set the price for ML

service, the network constantly set the lowest price possible

cost rooted in existing resources and user demand.

2. Lots.IOP2P networks are autonomous, open and decentralized

based on blockchain. A transparent, reliable and secure solution. There’s no central authority or middleman.

3. Superior Incentivization Home.

Users pay with MRDS tokens for big amounts of computing power for AI learning Miners earn money through by leasing hardware.

Software Mining

Network mining Lots.IO is different from how this term is utilised in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. In Myriads, mining means using data to be createdpredictions and a few obvious methods different strategies and algorithms to exercise.

Myriads.IO Network`s MRDS coins are previously benefit miners for the accuracy of their forecasts.

What Kind Of Problems Can Myriads.IO Machine Learning Solve?

NComputer Vision

Image classification is still a very challenging field in computer vision and machine learning. according to a different report from Tratica. The global marketplace for computer vision hardware and software will increase from 6,6 $ billion in 2015 to 48,6$ billion annually by 2022.

Language Processing

Challenges in natural language processing frequently involve natural language understanding. speech recognition natural language generation,etc.

Pharma and Medicine

Mckinsey estimates that big data machine learning in pharma and medicine cloud generate a worth of up to 100B $ annually, by looking at better decision-making, optimized innovation improved efficiency of research/clinical trials and new tools creation for physician consumers, insurers, and regulators.

Stock Trading

Two sigma investment Deborah.E Shaw ( company ) Renaissance Technologies ( Hedge fund ) and Hudson River Forex. These companies are consistently successful of these automated trading strategies, generating very preferred tax treatment for their client/themselves.

Product Recommendation

Building scalable, efficient and effective services for delivering relevant product recommendations to the user inside online mall.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection and prevention market worth 41.59B $ by 2022, As reported Global forecast to 2022. ML especially good a recognising pattern on data and therefore equally good a spotting anomalies in those variations.


Myriads holds an ICO which starts on 20 March 2018 and will finish on May 19, 2018. has selected of the MRDS token by determining the ICO price of just one MRDS = 0.036 The particular sale for the MRDS coin will wear the following bonus offerings as follows:

Phase 1: 1 ETH = 25,000 MRDS 50% additional Mar 20Apr 4

Phase 2: 1 ETH = 25,000 MRDS 25% additional Apr 5Apr 20

Phase 3: 1 ETH = 25,000 MRDS 10% additional 21 Apr6 May

Phase 4: 1 ETH = 25,000 MRDS 0% additional May 7May

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