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What is NTOK
The Ninja Token Tutor (NTOK) is a global decentralization ecosystem for continuing education that aims to identify between tutors and students to interact through online platforms based on blockchain. Distance learning with tutors is fascinating to be a daily teaching and learning methodology on numerous topics. faculties and students, adults and fogeys can select Distance learning with tutors as the way to realize new information or expertise regarding valuable precious cultures, preparation for exams, rising skilled skills, or just learning for fun.

Tutoring is taken into account to be one in all the biggest education segments in value terms. whereas in several different segments it’s usually tough to steer those who they have to acquire instructional services or content, within the tutoring market everybody intuitively understands that they have to pay tutors for teaching. additionally, the majority have had some expertise of learning with a teacher

It is one in all the oldest education segments and often the primary resource that students hunt down once they need to be told one thing

Tutoring exists each offline and on-line. thus far for the most part offline, it’s poised for accelerated migration into on-line tutoring, stimulating major interest from instructional technology investors

There ar tens of several tutors worldwide. Each day, round the globe, tens of several informal lessons occur within which tutors teach adults and kids, instructors prepare candidates for his or her exams and personal lecturers facilitate others to master new information or improve their skilled skills.

Coaching, one of the greatest sections of the instruction showcase, is guage to achieve US$227 billion by 2022. The conventional arrangement of instruction has varied problems and finishing up additional obsolete throughout the years. you have got to pay a good deal of money to travel to a college and faculty, wherever you don’t usually get what you required. during this method, understudies ought to scan for on-line courses or coaches to urge the desired learning.

NTOK token holders can also use it to purchase additional educational content and materials from partners Privileges will also be available to the token owner. Teachers will be able to raise the rankings and earn larger numbers of students while students will get a chance to receive 50% off commission and thus save a dollar for each lesson. It’s in a flat commission that the project plans to make money: it will only be worth $ 2 per lesson in the NTOK token. Part of the token goes into the platform’s operating costs.

NTOK platform provides:
Peer Education Platform

An online platform that excludes geographic boundaries between academics and students thanks to advanced technology with high-quality video and audio, likewise as learning-specific options like whiteboards, category coming up with, payments and interactive teaching strategies. the most platform was designed as a centralized, not one hierarchic version on Our task is to use the present centralized platform for developing this one rank answer.

It is not possible to forge ratings.
Transparent and safe info concerning the expertise and quality of academics through the system of ranking and review, engineered on Blockchain.

No intermediaries The
elimination of intermediaries between academics and students, like faculties, and, therefore, a major reduction within the value of lessons.

NTOK has solution.

The team is developing a decentralized peer-to-peer platform, central part of which is the NTOK crypto-token. This will eliminate the need of commercials schools and study centers which will help to save up to 75% on the cost of a lessons.

Students and tutors are the basis of the ecosystem. They interact with each other through the NTOK platform lessons and rating/review system. Students directly pay tutors for the lessons using NTOK tokens.

Noteworthy issues of the mentoring market:

  • Most courses are disconnected and understudies ought to invest hours to get to the goal point;
  • The cost of the course might be exaggerated and does not relate to the obtained information.
  • Middlemen (business schools and study focuses) charge noteworthy markups.
  • Today’s guides are chiefly educate by means of Skype, which is emphatically relies upon the nature of the Internet and therefore, learning procedure can end up plainly confounded.
  • Teacher’s evaluating might be phony since regularly it is directed by erasing negative surveys.


Pre-sales: between December 5, 2017 and January 15, 2017. During the pre-sale, Token NTOK will be sold according to a certain minimum, purchasing NTOK tokens worth 1 NTOK = $ 1.00. Additional bonuses may be provided during pre-sales. The ICO general sales period will take place between 15 January 2018 and 15 February 2018. The ICO period may be extended further, if required. Tokens are expected to be distributed within 2 weeks after which the ICO ends or earlier.

The NTOK tokens will be issued at a starting price of $ 1.00 each in the first week of the ICO general sales period. During the general sales period, the price for Token NTOK will increase every week.

First week $ 1.00

Second week $ 1.05

Third week $ 1.10

Fourth week $ 1.15

Week fifth $ 1.20

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