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Personal information is vital data that has got to be unbroken secret, as a result of it will cause Brobdingnagian losses once our data is taken by happy-go-lucky person. particularly if our data is taken will give edges and price of some cash to different parties like mastercard details, social insurance numbers, and others. within the summer of 2017, the crime of felony of sensitive personal information reached more or less 146 million information happiness to Americans. one thing terrible wherever the net as a wise resolution to the acceleration of economic process however additionally still have the shortcomings in order that there area unit those who gain profit by stealing personal information have others.

In response to the present crisis, governments and regulators passed a law requiring firms to gather and store sensitive information additional firmly and to check existing strategies of storing and manipulating information and documentation, as an example, the EU General information Protection laws. Events like these need U.S. to form radical and basic changes to however we tend to store and safeguard our identity. the matter isn’t simply the info storage procedures and also the protection of firms like Equifax isn’t broad or tight enough. the matter lies within the whole methodology by that these firms store, maintain, and transmit information.


Peer Mountain additional provides users with possession and management over their identity that’s cryptographically safe. it’s an end-to-end application scheme that facilitates the mercantilism and secure exchange of digital and physical services.

PEER MOUNTAIN is that the initial mobile distributed trust system and localized Protection Trust, Peer Mountain additionally uses cryptological protocols to change individuals and establishments to form and own sure recordings that embody digital identity, trust relationships, and activity proof. Even the foremost refined centralized information storage and transmission strategies area unit at risk of outside attacks.

We have additionally filed emblems for Peer Mountain and Peerchain ™ brands underneath EUIPO 017282931 and 017350182. this can be our intention to unleash the Peer Mountain consumer SDK for golem and iOS as open supply and to open the Peer Mountain Attestation Engine SDK supply. we have a tendency to additionally will send the Peerchain Protocol ™ to the RFC to develop open standards that may be used as wide as potential in any economic context.

Peer Mountain further gives users more ownership and control over their secure cryptographic identity, offering an end-to-end application ecosystem designed to facilitate trade and exchange of digital and physical services. It facilitates trust and sharing of secure information with independent parties across a wide network while maintaining traceability and compliance at the end of each data transference. Peer Mountain is the first decentralized peer-to-peer trust. The market that connects the identity owners with the appropriate service providers, and opens new paradigms about how and where individuals and organizations do business.

Peer Mountain may be a mobile-first distributed system of trust. It uses science protocols to permit individuals and establishments to make and own a sure record that encompasses digital identity, trust relationships, and proof of activities. System members own and management their data; they decide United Nations agency will access it, as their info remains inaccessible and unexposed to 3rd parties in the least times.

Peer Mountain uses blockchain technology to produce individuals and organizations totally, securing their identity holdings, and for the primary time, facultative individuals to share their info with organizations and each completely different place firmly. Peer Mountain facilitates the speedy delivery of services through its blockchain framework. Identity could also be the core a part of Peer Mountain, however this may not be coupled in Nursing. Peer Mountain identity platform is Associate in Nurse application schemes designed to facilitate trade and exchange of digital and physical services.
Private Organizations that use Peer Mountain might use delegates to demonstrate possession and management. Peering mounts can then give a verifiable record of these facts that will be shared with the organization or one that ought to be the foremost known. sure agencies, like business registration or trade authorization bodies, might apply approval machines to validate this truth.

High quantifiability

Because of their agreement mechanism, blockchains need higher information outturn. However, blockchains don’t have the capability to handle massive transactions at the same time.

Peer Mountain allows secure and clear service segmentation across blockchain deployments. this suggests a corporation will deploy services that need a high volume of time period transactions on a deliberate Peer Mountain block, whereas applying the remainder of their services to the common Peer Mountain block.

For example, a bank will run separate instances for demand deposits, sure varieties of credit cards, and automobile loans. This setup divides cross-case dealings volumes, facultative banks to realize higher cross-services cross-throughput information, yet as cross-sample information compatibility. this suggests that banks will use info from client {credit automobiled|mastercard} documents within the sort of car loans and checking accounts.

Safe dealings while not Compromise
Peer Mountain people and their organizations will safely share info victimisation any application within the Peer Mountain system. By connecting sovereign identities and organizations, Peer Mountain creates a secure and economical marketplace in several entities operative within the international economy.
Efficient clear Transactions

Latency in communication between blockchain node nodes as a results of building agreement at intervals the chain limits its human action capability. this means that blockchains don’t seem to be able to technique cluster actions at the speed required for large-scale dealings method systems.

We have taken Associate in Nursing innovative approach to beat this limitation. we tend to tend to believe that blockchain doesn’t got to operate globally in every come-at-able node. In distinction, Peerchains can co-exist and work harmoniously, each that concentrate on a much bigger a neighborhood of ecological trust.

Each Peer Mountain operates Peerchain that we tend to ar ready to use for each service provider, regulator, auditor, and trade watch cluster or shopper protection cluster. Anyone United Nations agency wishes to review chain integrity can access the publicly on the market chain soul.

Token Allocation

We will allocate results in four key areas of interest:

  • 40%: Technology, which includes the development and audit of smart contracts Peer Mountain, blockchainr node, application architecture, mobile and corporate clients, and other Stakes goals.
  • 25%: Enterprise development, which includes typical corporate costs such as office space and equipment, administrative and managerial salaries, fees, and taxes.
  • 25%: Marketing, which includes PR initiatives, marketing, and partnerships.
  • 10%: Regulations and laws, including lobbying and development of regulatory advice.


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