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The company was organized the token Generation Event for the issuance of PHI token, They make a modern model of distribution of a financial services to manage wealth revolutionize the current financial options. To many ways from anonymous to massive newsletters of tips on securities filled to buy or sell, the needs of each person or client want to specify consultancy service to a management of investments of digital assets.

Investment instruments seem distinguished in investment product like as mutual funds and Sicavs (variable-capital investment companies), alternative funds such as the AIF or PIF or in pure investment instruments pertaining to example equity securities or securities Relationship.

With the be sure to reduce the supply of a commercial service through digitization and the suppression costs, allowing investment in a number of other vehicles and assets of krypto, and make up a container platform to evaluate the interrelations between financial assets and mangerial so produce output that is perfect for the investors then proudly where Partners LTD. intends drugs the first Platform for investment Hybrid (PHI), which allows investments across all asset classes and investment vehicles including crypto assets Purpose is to provide clients with an entirely digital platform to deal with all of your savings and trading.

However, this conveys the human wealth manager to play a role in identifying the needs within the real fundamental clients and manage their emotions to avoid financial errors usually. PHI platform seem a Hybrid Platform for Hybrid Investments, in other words, digital process management with the remedy for professional experience for client interaction.

Fully digital platform will become the videos . of this project, because it certainly innovative in the business model, in the complete opening to some Bank Deposits, some Managers of assets and therefore, different management styles, some Advisers Finance, almost complete financial instruments from around the world, in a nutshell, 360 degree platform that might be a capable of satisfying not only the wants of private customers and consumers, furthermore the needs of HNWI customers of institutions that canallocate their assets by selecting from regarding different asset managers with very competitive and low are priced.

Token PHI

Token PHI will allow investors from in regards to the world to access the premium servicethat is dedicated and the holder from the Token, to purchase with discount 30% of different epidermis services such as financial newsletter on traditional securities and assets Crypto, get ranked bonds, equities, funds and crypto, always buy discount 30% of the consulting services offered Where Partners or its partners or consultants.

Token PHI could have three main features preparation to increase the value of

Token PHI from time to time:

1. Token PHI as stock: anyone who wants to use the valuables in the platform,

as financial planners and asset manager, must have and hold Token PHI;

2. Token PHI as payment: Hybrid platform investments and developed

Financial software will accept payment in Tokens PHI offers 30% cashback

so with respect to encourage others to pay that Token isn’t a fiat currency. Vehicle has filed patents to enhance the relationship between the business and the resulting Token PHI.

3. Token PHI Buy Back and Burn the Reward: 15% of the price of the performance generated by the platform and 50% annual tax of returns obtained through your payment of taxes in Malta (according

up to 15% of the company’s EBIDTA) will use to purchase Token PHI in the exchange of and tend to be drawn, produce a the effect of scarcity which will probably be growth continuously generated from time to time.

Blockchain Technology Usage in PHI

Transparency in field of finance

One of your key aspects in the field of finance is transparency. This is necessary for the process, cost, its methodology is actually and transaparansi to make sure the trust ofclients. The law of Italy for the provider specifies that info the customer (KYC process results) is registered in the archives from the single computer that may not be new. All documents processed in the blockchain and start to give the specific date and thru through the blockchain furthermore be appeared to record every asset manager advise, financial planner or wealth manager, in a manner that avoids conflict atausalah Tafsir or action by all needed.

How PHI using the blockchain System?

One of the key success factors associated with the asset management system is trust.

This belief, the PHI will apply the Blockchain Document management system (BDMS) to ensure what may be agreed is captured and stored easily and ensured that document cannot be modified It.

The main purpose of BDMS is make certain that the authenticity of all documents all of the following systems:

The Ordinance

Make without doubt after dokumenditambahkan to the repository that cannot be modified

The authenticity of the

The documents must be verified by anyone which access to it

Timestamp (timestamp)

A reasonable assurance towards the date within the documents appended to the report

The focus of this document repository will double by various documents, but are not limited to:



– Contract

– Recommend Recommendation

Robo Advisors Analysis

They created Robo Advisor platform, synthetic intelligence that innovative digital portal, offers a consulting service,

it doesn’t need the automation processing it earn the smart technology and also close substantial of financial culture. essential to the customize optimization model.

For awhile platforms are use for outdated optimization models will known as “efficient frontier” by Markowitz in 1952

Methodology rightly rewarded with Nobel Prizes is no longer connected with latest mathematical analysis break through asset allocations.

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