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About Photochain

Currently we are living in an innovative 3.0 web era that enables global human networks, with the help of high data and high data throughput. Associated with blocker technology having a peer-to-peer (p2p) system safely and securely, without central additional. This technology opens new horizons for architecture and software balms. It provides a report on safe and verifiable transactions that are available to all users at any unpredictable moment. With so-called Smart Contracts, blockchain ethereum technology opens the likelihood for the correct arrangement of digital deals using brewers. Therefore, the conditions for completing the contract are met in the event that both parties have fulfilled the step. Thus, the machine leaves no room for harmful interference.

The photochain can be a decentralized and smart contract based platform, which enables full proof security to the user. When an acquisition is made from the platform, the buyer initiates the transaction and the seller gets paid simultaneously, all these are controlled and viewed under the feature of smart contract. That’s why photochain doesn’t require any third party central authority for verifying any transaction in the platform. Furthermore, the platform is fully designed in keeping the current problems which are using the traditional stock photography platform, so that they can solve the problem the actual planet most efficient tactic.

The platform of photochain has given clear advantages to the user whether these kinds of are a customer or contributor they in order to be getting the equal benefit. This associated with fair market will not only benefit the user but also the whole photography industry.

These profound market changes are only made possible by using blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, machine learning and Photochain’s own user community. The majority of the processes become automated and decentralized, significantly reducing costs of platform governance. It’s unavoidable that further and further stock photography contributors and customers will prefer to use Photochain.

With the Photochain p2p platform, we released a new idea as the next generation of stock photography platform. We use this technology to conduct fair trade p2p between digital works between artists and men and women.

Thus, the specific usage requirements in this platform, safe terms of trade, are uncomplicated and fair for parties. Wait, the artist receives up to a whopping 95% of ultimate sale price.

Mission Of Project Photochain

Photochain provides around the same price – same. The particular below is rock bottom – only 5% of the sale price. The an opportunity to maintain 95% within the final sale price allows contributors to supply their jobs cheaper, and consequently the marketplace becomes more affordable for customers. The sort of market not only benefits the users but also benefits the industry, like likelihood of increased revenue contributes much better performance.

This profound market change is only by using blockchain technology, Intelligent Contracting, machine learning along with the user community of Photochain itself. Processes and platforms Is certainly undeniable that increasing amounts stock photography contributors and customers will prefer to use Photochain.

The development within the Photochain platform is actually definitely an ambitious and growing process organically. Our ultimate goal to do this project is under three important branches:

– P2P Markets – It important for us that about the artists themselves can determine their work and these kinds of are given the chance to offer their work since potential purchasers. Our platform provides this opportunity because of this realized by utilizing synergies from Blockchain technology and machine learning.

– The Crypto Economy – The Photochain platform appeals for you to some wide audience that being unsuccessful in blockchain and cryptocurrency technological innovations. The use case of “Photochain” can attract this audience. Easy-to-use GUI and trading digest. Crypto became mainstream.

– Photochain Digital Copyright Chain: DCC – Due to the fact process progresses, more artists can realize their desire to strengthen their copyright using the Photochain platform, as their work will be going to fine with its name. You will be seen by all users each time. This means the artist’s sense of the image could be accounted to gain. Databases with all tangible links tend to be built in a decentralized method by which.

Platform Photochain

With all existing stock photography platforms, the sole method to ensure transaction security can be ensured by means of the control center. When that, we created a platform that works independently, as well as efficiently subject to established ideas.

We are developing DApp Photochain in blockchain Ethereum. In addition, Photochain also uses computer vision (machine learning) fulfill the requirements of certain stock photography technologies.

Photochain DApp is a platform where artists obtain opportunity to trade their work to a wide audience which has a price they charge, and where the seller is also content and responsible for the work you can purchase themselves. The Photochain team has no responsibility or responsibility for your illegal behavior of the owner. This means the artist is the legality of operate he is selling, and is fully the cause of illegal plans. Photochain however, will uphold the user’s copyright, associated with prevention of unauthorized photography sales.

Advantages Of this Platform:

– Security Blockchain enables secure and verifiable transactions for buyers and sellers common. You can trust your safe run.

– Decentralization Digital work is encrypted and stored within a decentralized database. There is no primary business that controls the photography you upload.

– Content DApp will provide exclusively for photography trade. We use bots assure only acceptable content shows up.

– Copyright Your work is permanently associated making use of identity down the blockchain. This and machine learning plus our active community, save you from cheating.

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