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What is Omnitude?

Omnitude ECOM may be a good platform supercharged by the blockchain technology. it’ll offer the link between existing eCommerce platforms to blockchain technology. That way, current systems won’t have to be compelled to get replaced. The Omnitude platform is committed to staying clear and hospitable the community. this may alter everybody to make Omnitude applications which will be integrated with existing application within the provide chain, e-commerce, and enterprise systems.

Electronic commerce continues its merited and zoom. however such quality has generated conjointly doable defects within the style of risks of swindle, loss of the account and alternative impermissible expenses. severally to sellers and patrons it’s extraordinarily troublesome to manage all the nuances of current transactions, excluding the risks of fraud. however ANswer} to the matter has already appeared – an formidable Omnitude technology that may take the principles of on-line sales to a brand new level of security and potency. With the assistance of a special Omnitude (OID) symbol, a convenient chance to securely and accurately track the mandatory transactions. The user currently has solely to specify his personal knowledge one time – then they’ll be taken from the special unit OMNITUDE.

ICO and ECOM tokens – actual prospects for a thriving begin

The platform relies on the inner ECOM tokens used for transactions. For tokens, the platform offers a good vary of services and also the ability to simply and safely conduct transactions. additionally to ECOM tokens, edict currency are often wont to participate within the work of the platform.

As the developers of the platform note, most of the funds raised are accustomed produce and improve the technical a part of the project and also the overall system of Omnitude. Also, a number of the cash raised are accustomed encourage users and participants to use and value the advantages of a brand new approach to on-line commerce.
In total, five million ECO tokens square measure offered purchasable, of that five-hitter are accessible to investors on a pre-sale. For investors Token Sale is planned to order fifty million tokens, the remaining twelve million (33%) square measure reserved for advisors and also the project team. Also, five-hitter of raised funds are accustomed improve and improve the already launched platform within the future.

The ECOM token are going to be launched via Omnitude on the Omnilayer platform. ECOM are going to be requiredby sellers, customers and suppliers to participate within the Omnitude scheme.

Omnitude are going to be designed on high of Hyperledger, a world cooperative open supply project created by the UNIX operating system Foundation. Hyperledger could be a allowable block-protocol that enables transactions like “business-to-client” and “business-to-business.”

The design of Hyperledger provides the most block-based services on the premise of that the scheme of Omnitude is constructed. The Omnitude scheme can comprises varied associations, as well as those mentioned on top of(ie sellers, customers, suppliers, couriers and affiliates / referees)

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