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The Online Art is exploding annually at a rate of over two hundredth and currently with blockchain technology able to contour businesses while not the necessity of third parties, The APA platform helps to alleviate the matter of counterfeiting and corruption during this abundant littered with these issues, business. currently each Art Collectors and Artists will collaborate on a platform that has been in OPEN BETA operation since 2015, while not the necessity of any middle man during a suburbanized setting.

The fundamentals of the APA platform can enable each for the privacy of the parties involved to move with one another however at constant time the real I.Ds of the Artists can have to be compelled to be uploaded therefore no pretend art is oversubscribed and additionally the good contracts allow a property interaction and transparency on the blockchain ledger through the APA digital currency token that may be used on the platform not just for getting art however also will be used for patronage of your favorite artists. you’ll able to present tokens as tips to those artists you’re following and like! The APA token are going to be a utility token allowing simple liquidity during this hot niche market. Another nice facet of the platform is that the undeniable fact that patrons also are protected as their funds stay in associate degree written agreement account till they prove that they need received the things they need procured. All method|the method} can shield each the customer and therefore the marketer during a efficient and simplified group action and recording process, aligned with security and ease options.

All Public Art consists of international fantastic complete team WHO return from various backgrounds and have thorough and relevant experience within varied fields love it, finance, blockchain, marketing, law and additionally the art world. we’ve got an inclination to thrive on developing ingenious ideas, pride in applying academic degree innovative and vibrant vision to verify that every one Public Art is also a platform that serves the worldwide art community with excellence as a result of it need to be. we’ve got an inclination to believe that the appliance of Blockchain Technology on the platform is also a smart step towards a thriving future for the long run of art inside the digital age. All Public Art is one in each of the first companies to combine the world of crypto and additionally the art world and this could be an opportunity that you simply} just need to be a part of them nowadays.
And they ar able to have a positive impact on the lives of artists around the world which we tend to ar proud to empower the art community with this movement where Blockchain meets art. be part of them as a results of we’ve got an inclination to eliminate the previous problems inside the art market.

How All Public Art Works
Our favored goal and future goal is peer to check mercantilism (P2P) at intervals the planning market. For that vision to be done at intervals the planning market, the All Public Art’s market has been created. the planning marketplace and blockchain generation will seamlessly merge along due to the combo of the essential choices of the program. There unit four key elements to the All Public Art buying and mercantilism procedure:

    Artists, art collectors and anyone interested in engaging with the All Public Art community or APA service must register on the platform. After signing up and creating a profile on or in the mobile app, an artist can post works of art and related merchandise in exchange for an APA token.
    When artists and collectors register at All Public Art they will receive a unique ID that will be used to authenticate all of their transactions in blockchain. There will also be four options for Artwork Security :
  • Unique ID with QR code.
  • Unique IDs embedded on sensitive stickers and holographic stickers.
  • RFID Chip (Radio Frequency Identification Chip).
  • Micro RFID chip in adhesive applied to artwork.

Advantages and Benefits All Public Art

  • Tracking Data & Reducing Risk
  • Connecting Through Smartphones
  • Art Trade globally
  • Strength of Intelligent Contract
  • Eliminating Intermediate Price Manipulation


The token sales phase will run from January 23, 2018 to February 18, 2018. Early participants will receive a token bonus to reward them for joining early.

  • Week 1 with a bonus of 20%
  • Week 2 with a bonus of 15%
  • Week 3 with a bonus of 10%
  • Week 4 with a bonus of 0%


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