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What is Quantum 1 net? will it extremely facilitate to secure your personal knowledge and information? within the current condition, fraud is all over. If you’re mistreatment the web, then there’s each chance that you simply are the soft target of the hackers. If you’re yearning for a permanent and effective resolution for quantum computing, you ought to consider Quantum one internet. this is often extremely appreciated by the users for the developed options and improved performance. Visit :

You might have detected that the RSA cryptography platform is quite four decades previous. it absolutely was designed to secure the digital and web communications. however currently another technologies have return up in intervening the functioning of RSA cryptography platform. The quantum computing is one in all them. it’s become a significant threat to the RSA and a few different kinds of the cryptography. it’s some improved tools to create it easier for the web hackers to crack the mechanism of the RSA cryptography.

Quantum computers area unit thought-about additional developed than normal computers as these area unit ready to exploit the distinctive options of the microscopic world, web, and superposition to create the calculation additional correct and effective.

In addition, they’re ready to accomplish the task during a couple of minutes and hours that the foremost developed tools can take billions of years to complete. As these area unit additional developed, it makes tough for the professionals to search out out the most effective resolution to combat the threat. These computers cause a true threat to the digital communications as most of the cryptography ways designed to take advantage of the slowness of the classical computers. These aren’t effective for the Quantum computers.

If you’re looking this part, Quantum one internet will return to your rescue. they need developed innovative and new solutions to counter those issues and to assist the users to secure the info in a good manner. The quantum physics alter for the generation of the in and of itself random sequences of the numbers. it’ll be the middle of the Quantum Encrypted Key Generation technology. which will supply secure transfer and storage of knowledge. Besides, it’ll supply the extent of complexities within the cryptographical key generation that you simply cannot expect from the normal suggests that. the normal technologies may not be ready to defend the info even from the quantum computers.

As well-tried by the, the quantum computers area unit additional advanced and that they want higher protection than the normal ones. In brief, you’ll be able to say that Quantum one internet has created a replacement and proved resolution for the RSA issues. it’ll supply quicker and safer storage and transfer and therefore the hackers won’t be ready to use your knowledge.

Electronic communications are secured by a way referred to as RSA, named for 3 researchers United Nations agency developed this method: West Chadic Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Elmore John Leonard Adleman. It takes an oversized quantity of computing power to supply so takes into consideration these numbers, one thing that’s insufferable with normal computing techniques.

Safe and least RSA depends on ancient machine constraints whereas speedily increasing technologies and therefore the emergence of quantum computing presently need a replacement cryptography strategy. a lot of less resources and time required to interrupt even the strongest RSA keys with quantum computing. conjointly points out that Quantum computers area unit additional economical than ancient computers. Quantum computers area unit quantum mechanical meters like processing and communication. it always suggests that doing a really long job in minutes or hours and is that the best tool for succeeding few years.

Quantum encoding key.

The Quantum encoding Key Generator is that the heart of Quantum1Net’s encoding strategy. To revise, generate a multi-digit random range from that the mathematical properties area unit derived within the case of RSA its prime resolving. However, there’s a serious downside, the random generators used area unit solely pseudo-random (commonly known as PRNG), therefore associate RSA secret’s pseudo-random. Tests have shown that PRNGs exhibit repetitive behavior once choosing “random numbers”. This model implies that with enough results, a prediction may be created for future range picks. Thus, the PRNGs aren’t extremely random.

Quantum1Net depends instead on a Quantum encoding Key Generator (QEKG). thanks to the properties of quantum computers themselves, tests have shown that even in massive samples, the chosen numbers don’t follow any pattern, therefore no prophetical algorithmic rule may be derived.


Quantum1Net dispatches two sorts of tokens: the principal Silver Token that can be changed over in February 2018 without quantum key encryption, and boundless discharge quantum keys extricated on Gold Token in July 2018. Silver token holders can change their proprietorship at a rebate. The full arrangement of Gold Token and Quantum1Net is right now planned for January 2019.

Token Sale

Sales of token 1: silver token

  • February 2018
  • Ethhereum based
  • Convertible to Gold Token with discount 20%
  • Sale limited to 15 million


  • Support moving to new offices to centralize development
  • Hire new developers to meet Quantum1Net limited release in August 2018

Sales of token 2: gold token

  • July 2018
  • Bitcoin-based, including QEK
  • Silver Token investors get priority
  • Sale limited to 18 million


  • Offer proof of our QEK concept, this token will include quantum encryption
  • Supports development of hardware and file transmission platform

Sales of the 3rd token: Token Emas

  • January 2019
  • Bitcoin based, QE activated
  • Silver Silver Investors converting on July 2018 sales may participate at a 5%
  • Sales are limited to 200 million


  • Supports long term Quantium1Net
  • Supports development and use beyond cryptocurrency


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