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What Is Rateonium?
Rateonium is a Global blockchain based product and service rating platform. Rateonium delivers the initial world wide, anonymous and interactive evaluation system with benefits for users along with partner businesses.

The Rateonium system was developed and designed within the past four decades by experts from several financial sectors. Because of this, years of experience from the pharmaceutical companies, automotive, and commodity businesses, and others, are incorporated in to the evolution process of their system. In close proximity with worldwide players along with different consumer classes from most of the “Sinus-Milieus”, the needs and fantasies for its last two Rateonium system components are integrated and incorporated into the platform development. And by applying blockchain technology, Rateonium has reached a substantial landmark in consumer security.

Rateonium delivers a whole evaluation system tailored to each of client groups, hence connecting clients to organizations in ways never seen previously. For this objective, many conditions were researched throughout creation and used to ascertain the material of this system. The true execution of those requirements implies both the companies and prospective users can be found a perfected evaluation system which are going to have the ability to fulfill any succeeding needs.

Why Rateonium?
The Rateonium team isn’t going to change or disable the inspection, unless asked to do this by the author.

Rateonium will exclude consumer testimonials out of evaluations when users create testimonials Which could possibly be bad for the health or standing of the others.
Medications, firearms, drugs, or prohibited substances aren’t accepted and shouldn’t be disseminated.
The book of reviews which are mathematically disgusting, books with respect to religion, and propaganda is going to likely be abolished by Rateonium.

The App:

The Rateonium App could be the core of the advanced rating strategy. Additionally, it comprises all features like enterprise rating and also the about me feature. To be able to contravene the magnification orchestrated by Rateonium, the application form is available like an easy download for each upcoming utilizer. Subsequent to the utilizer has engendered his accounts along with the personal data is encrypted with the RATE-SAFE course of action, that the utilizer could get all application regions of the application. It empowers one to examine reviews of pubs within the area also to denominate it utilizable or into indict reviews of a sensed lodging.


Now, information is Regarded as net gold and can be obtained Sales and Marketing Departments employ this data to convert cues to clients using targeted promotions. Rateonium engenders an interactive system between consumers and organizations which meet modern requirements for individual integrity in an electronic age, liberate from exploitation along also highest reverence for data security.


For your first time, you will find real reviews on the plank of businesses from the Rateonium evaluation system, and also the industry distortion brought on by the abuse of reviews is prevented from town. Since the founding of Rateonium, the team has functioned ecumenical to create an astronomically massive small business network. Meanwhile, they’ve indulged in five continents, for example, as an instance, the industries of gastronomy, long-distance and local connections, the aviation business, block-predicated endeavors, both the automotive industry in addition to the peregrinate and hotel market.


Rateonium provides its customers a contemporary buying encounter Having an program powered by meta data – liberate from manipulation and data abuse. The Rateonium cooperation system is reinforced by the execution of modern, longterm and customer relationship management procedures from the platform. The Rateonium evaluation system stipulates that the utilizer with multiple factors for engendering qualitative appraisal.


By making a utilizable money, the consumer can immediately identify with a certain company and also be rewarded for providing lodging and product transparency. Your customer’s incrementing capability from the long run to produce different conclusions boosts an interoperative network of customers.

Rateonium card

The Rateonium card lets highest possible protection of components that are stored. All Functions that alter the token condition of this user has to be verified . The average person qr-code into the card.
All the client has to do is open the program, input his password along with scan the qr-code. To Make Sure That evaluations are just given at places at which a Service is in fact sensed, the consumer needs to check the purchase before Submitting an overview. For this Reason, the Rateonium card is only Scanned in the checkout. When It Comes to an Internet purchase, the program can be applied like a scanner.

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