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What is Realtycoin?

Realtycoin could be a new project of a long-standing company and has been far-famed for his or her headquarters within the amylum, chili city. Realtycoin tries to take advantage of the recognition of blockchain and creates RTC coins so as to shop for property at rock bottom value within the whole world and afterward they’ll sell it for a high value. with such transactions the profits earned from such transactions will actually be terribly giant. and that they claim to be ready to give 100 percent profit for investors from each group action that has been done. apart from that Realtycoin as guarantee the payment choices which will be accepted developers and assets agents.



The RealtyCoin is that the product of a brand new company that is named Inversiones Derezunsky SpA, its tax id is seventy six.797.127–3 and therefore the company is found in Santiago of Chile. we’ve got been creating this coin with the aim of shopping for real estates in an exceedingly low worth and so sell them on the next quantity to induce a decent profit for it. this implies that we have a tendency to square measure reaching to unfold a tenth of the profit in each influence our investors and conjointly this page will guarantee a payment choice that square measure accepted by the builders of the businesses and assets agents.
We would like that you simply are often a part of this business so as to become a true broker for yourself. thus if you found a decent chance of a true estate business, you’d win with U.S. too.
It doesn’t matter wherever you’re or wherever the important estate is, we are going to purchase over the globe.

Realtycoin and Token RTC

With the event of blockchain technology and therefore the disadvantages possessed by cryptocurrency itself is extremely unstable and unpredictable in the least. however to not worry. Realtycoin will overcome that annoyance. With Realtycoin we are able to invest in one among the foremost solid assets ever within the property and property realm. we are able to directly become a property business partner. as a result of realtycoin is often making an attempt to seek out a property with a worth terenda and sell it back at a high worth. with a awfully satisfying profit-sharing system offered by Realtycoin itself.

Realtycoin is making an attempt to develop the $64000 estate world and integrate it with blockchain by making a token we all know with RTC which will give plenty of advantages. this is often proven by the standard of knowledge domain groups that Realtycoin has. and supported by those that ar specialists in their field. like law, finance, pc and selling field, therefore it’s expected able to overcome the issues usually round-faced by investors endowed in ancient systems that are developed, such as:

minimum quantity of investment, mastercard possession. also as our smart name dibank. with Realtycoin finance as straightforward as turning your palms. you simply want web association. then the coffers of cash can come back up to you. Chile was chosen because the headquarters of Realtycoin because it is taken into account the country most clear and a rustic free from corrupt practices,

Realtycoin may be a localized crypto with a wise contract Ethereum. as a result of the $64000tycoin team believes that cryptocurrency may be a new veil within the progress of the Real estate world.

Realtycoin itself seeks to evolve to penetrate the boundaries of people in finance in property. Realtycoin aims to spice up the $64000 estate sector globally. which is able to be foreseen to the touch two hundred trillion greenbacks additional. Realtycoin invests heavily within the assets of nice interest in Chile. and slowly this project can grow everywhere the globe. and that’s all the contribution of investors. Realtycoin itself can still work optimally to be listed in some cryptocurrency money changer. even sesa’at once the ICO program is completed.


Start date: November 17,2017
End date: December 17,2017
Total token emission 75.000.000
Bonus: 40%
Price: 1 RTC = 0.00036 ETH
Minimum purchase amount Pre-Sale: 0.5 ETH = 1410 RTC

ICO Sale:

ICO start date: 17 December 2017
ICO end date: 31 January 2018
Target volume of tokensale: 500.000.000
ICO price: 1 RTC = 0.00036 ETH
Soft Cap: $500,000 Usd

The token distribution will be as follows:

  • 200 Million Tokens will be made available to the audience in the token sale.
  • 75 A million Tokens will be kept for ICO bonuses.
  • 150 Million Tokens will be kept for the Realty Coin Team.
  • The Early Birds will be able to get 75 Million Tokens as early visitors.

Token RTC Details
Name token = Realtycoin
Symbol = RTC
Platform smartcontract = Ethereum
Contract Type = ERC20

Contact & Information

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Whitepaper :
ANN Thread :
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