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SAFEIN our platform is uniquely beneficial for each customers and traders. First, users will absolutely respect the cease of repeat registrations, KYCs and password recoveries, changed by means of immediately get entry to granted via our multi-element authentication answer. Furthermore, much having redundant debts affords more security and facts protection, both of that are precious to any customer. Finally, the ability to easily conduct payments in any chosen medium has long been used often by way of the market Safein may also fulfill this need to help afully seamless charge experience for all its customers and merchants.

Merchants additionally gain along with platform as Safein appreciably reduces service provider prices for consumer onboarding and verification. Furthermore, Safein reduces transaction charges and may remove the hassle to getting to manage lost passwords for the customer uphold.Merchants additionally get easy access to crypto payments at one of the cheapest commission fees within current market with a totally free identification verification device. Moreover, traders who own Safein tokens in their pockets can be capable of system payments with out a fee.Our platform also may help them boom believe and user conversion quotes and also guard them from unintentional breaches of increasingly complex facts protection regulations and techniques.

There is not anything higher than the take a look at a service provider. Market studies suggests that new customers can price a web provider issuer up to $ 20 according to new customer to join, with a complete of annual bulls for guaranteed over-identity. EUR three.5 billion within the United Kingdom alone. Worse but, there need to be different correct success to acquire, manage and keep the amassed private information expertly.


1. Combining The very best of Two Worlds

Data shows that modern-day net users have a sturdy desire for unmarried sign-on solutions like Facebook identification or Google money payable. In truth, a few 88% of all on-line customers begin using these gateways once shortly to signal into web sites they visit. On another hand, neither Facebook nor Google can furnish an account that’s demonstrated or able to payments, which drastically limits person convenience and growth. Accordingly, there exists a massive market that’s ripe for the taking.

In view associated with this, in accessory for the cyber world troubles stated in preceding sections, the Safein crew has become down to make an unmarried signal-on and payment solution that are used universally on all web web-sites. By doing so we are able to obtain rid of the conventional associated with creating bills on numerous web sites we keep on, and we are able to permit the arena to adopt Identity 2.0. This profound bounce in technology can without difficulty take away the inefficiencies of never-ending KYC techniques and actually grant the network a default customer gateway for all e-commerce activities.

Equally crucial is our ambition to eventually permit our customers to properly comfortable the personal facts used for e trade, and save anonymously wherever feasible. We strongly agree with that instantaneous get right of entry to to payment for services, with out a delays for KYCs or deposit transfers, will undoubtedly lead to extra competition, elevated conversion rate and booming e-trade. In tandem, merchants will benefit starting from a sizeable reduce regarding value of regulatory compliance, information protection, KYC and person onboarding, cyber security, in addition to discount in want for enormous part of customer support coping with trivial topics like password recovery.

2. Pay with fiat or crypto with zero efforts

Once logged in with Safein, you’re also capable of making bills and it doesn’t involve supplying ever again data. Store your cash in conventional forex or any crypto, and Safein will mechanically convert and supply price range inside each month provider’s favored manner. Since every payment processed set in the boundaries of Safein, they’re immediate, comfortable and reasonably-priced.


Multi Factor Authentication Mechanism and Digital Identify Management

Security end up being a primary focus while managing your identity and wallet online. Safein will have a multi-factor authentication mechanism implemented from the very beginning. While integrating Safein, each merchant will be able to choose minimal security level that he requires from its users. For example, merchants can ask that all logins towards the merchant’s website and all payments must be confirmed by user on his mobile phone – i.e. (i) a push notification shows up, (ii) user must identify himself via pin code or fingerprint on his mobile Safein app and (iii) approve login or purchase. User (in his panel) likewise enhance general security levels for each website on an individual basis. For example, even if a specific website does not need mobile device confirmation for website login, an user can always enhance his security level by enabling that requirement himself.

With Safein, users doesn’t only be that may fully control their logins and actions, but track and manage them also. Users will be able to see their full activity history, including logins and payments, track their used devices, manage current active login sessions and cancel them at any time. Users will even be able to simply check which website can access certain bandwith. Most of the functionality related to identity management is already available ultimately MVP.

KYC Procedure Engine

Safein team is currently in talks with our planet’s leading automated ID verification service provider to provide exceptionally accurate results features AI powered document checking algorithm. Such checks, where users will for sure need to scan their IDs using cameras and take selfies, will be adequate for most uses. Some advanced verifications, where users need to comply with very specific regulations (for example, some cryptocurrency exchanges), will be made manually through Safein organization. It could take about few minutes, but when current waiting periods of weeks is apparently exchanges, may be still a radical improvement, especially remember that users will just have to have to do it right once.

Digital Wallet and Payments

Safein is planning to be a fully licenced EU electronic money institution the brand new ability obtain and process payments in full compliance is not law. Users will give you the chance to hold their crypto and fiat currency from a single wallet as well as convert them from to a different. Major crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum ERC20 tokens, and other popular cryptocurrencies will be supported. Fx functionality, for crypto and fiat, will standard for every currencies with 0.5% markup from probably the most available rate in business. Having an EU electronic money institution (EMI) licence will permit Safein for connecting to the SEPA network and give IBAN codes to all our you’ll need. Having that available, Safein will be one step closer to becoming a standard instrument for daily put on. Additionally, Safein plans to get afflicted with payment cards linked to users’ accounts, so users will give you the chance to use their Safein accounts daily both offline and online.

Growth Strategy

Safein’s success is founded upon rapid involving the user and merchant base. Safein won’t achieve pre-eminence if it is not widely used. Given that imperative, an example of the key project priorities is adapting every a part of the project (including token model, marketing strategy, business strategy and technical development) for rapid growth of user and merchant base. Safein’s token model created to to incentivize users and merchants to use Safein approximately possible.

The Safein team will use different strategies tailored for users and merchants. Our user base growth strategy initially relies on the Referral Program. This plan was actively used by PayPal, Airbnb, Dropbox and also companies which managed to viral growing.Initial user base will be practiced by signing-up users during our ICO and then launching our referral marketing plan. 5% of the generated Safein tokens will be allocated to the Referral Workout. With an initial critical mass of users registered during our ICO, our user base will grow exponentially. Starting active marketing campaigns in a few industries, described in previous sections, allow us to demonstrate user selling point of having an unitary login for popular websites. Similar example can be observed in the gaming industry, where Steam login is already extremely popular when it will come to websites where users don’t need to show their true identity or manage to pay for goods.

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