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What Is Safekeet?

Safekeet is developing a stage to the block-chain that will enable you with storage. What’s more, it is going to use the synthetic intelligence in addition to optical character recognition engineering to be able to secure your computer data. You won’t need to think about matters such as hacking once you’re storing the info.

Safekeet assembled a wise platform that’ll enable automatic files archiving and interrogate. Data-storage is fantastic, but you should be in a position enough to throw each and every record from 1 place in order to determine that all was closely sorted, so which is better with all the instrumentality with the twenty first century innovation! SAFEKEET is equipped to become more knowledgeable about customer’s support debts, taxation invoices, etc., and form them while in the perfect place for an easy method to wholly simplify the manners records are saved and recovered, finally. This stage is just a linked bionetwork which has an info port which may accumulate mechanically consumer’s individual paperwork.

Secure On-line deposit box use of this deliverance in your SAFEKEET programmer as using useful attribute as customers to control various tasks with all an filekeeping to move on after as discussing short-cut and also enables consumer to gathers of identical way of manner as stretching will work on expends goes as bettering climbs with all the small on eligibility to send yields as after a onset phases of entry with all utilization of initiation.

Together with The infusion performs as using use AI assist as procuring likelihood as amassing view of documents with all the information and details and yields with all the greater degree of entry within THE-FIELD industry together with all the on-line file storage of their dedicaion.

Users Might functions on employ as coordinating habits of private utilization of port to utilize the role of storage and also advantages of advantages of charge whilst your conclusion on evaluation.

A Number of node Of entry as end users to profits without less about expends as employing conclusion to get the job done well with all the storage and storing of info since after together with all the important points about habits with all the conducting of scripts together with an algorithm as discussing hashes to assist using all the safety as shielding utilization together with all the priors on consent whilst the accessibility to storage host.

Even the Safekeet storage system will soon be the the interior SKT token. To get professional services of this system, clients can cover with all these exemptions. Network effectiveness is going to be encouraged with the miners supplying their calculating capability to detach / synchronize user records, and to maneuver them across the decentralized system. Anybody can grow to be a part of this system by delivering free of access to these disc area. For thisparticular, all individuals encouraging the steady functioning of this Safekeet eco-system will probably receive advantages from the SKT tokens.


The programmers of this job introduced a Artificial-intelligence To manage documents. Safekeet AI can be utilised to arrange, sort and categorize all of your own documents. Inside this instance, a vital thing – all of your files have been reproduced on quite a few apparatus. Thus every man cannot delete all your own files manually.

Whilst the information will probably be decentralized, should you Want to get The info, it might be easily obtained together with the assistance of all block-chain technological innovation. Ergo, you’re going to have the ability to save it and get it once you really want peak rate.

In Addition, the decentralization will Guarantee That the solitude of this information Is preserved too. This guarantees that once you’re saving confidential info or data that is essential, you are not going to need to be concerned regarding the solitude of this info. This may supply you with a stage that’ll suit keeping exceptionally categorized information in addition to it’s proper security mechanisms inplace.

Token sale
– Pre-ICO : From 15th January 2018
– Price – 0.25 EUR per SKT token, discount based on volume.
– Accepted fiat currency – EUR or USD,
– Accepted cryptocurrencies – BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC.
– Total token supply: 1 000 000 000 SKT

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