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What Is Securix?
Securix is ​​a cryptocurrency mining solution located from the Netherlands. It’s ready-to-operate products, environmentally conscious energy apps and SRXIO tokens backed by advanced resources, Securix offers enhanced significance and also distinct services and products in contrast to cloud mining processes, offering passive earnings sharing each month to investors out of their mining operations while protecting token holders from price volatility.

Securix is Based on a token system that rewards token holders every month with payments. This token-based economy type may help alleviate many common cloud mining problems. Clients will not lose their investment when the industry decline and mining aren’t profitable. Instead, Securix will assign a portion of the proceeds of these company since company reserves to maintain lights while they wait patiently for the market to recover. In addition, the tokens will be secured with smart contracts in order that they may not be canceled until they conduct the app.

In an effort To increase investor ROI, Securix provides a profit-sharing of 45 percent of monthly revenues to SRXIO token holders. Investors who buy SRXIO parts of this company invest in real and tangible assets. Furthermore, the business will buy or scale backpacks from the current market and increase the value of tokens and yearly output thus increases the chances of trading the SRXIO token greater compared to its initial price after being recorded on the market. Lecurix also acquired a distinctive wallet called the Mega Vault Wallet. Besides keeping the buyer’s SRXIO token, it gives an individual the ability to attain status, obtain a badge and win prizes.

Token Holders are exempt from all possible risks, Securix carries this particular risk. Bitcoin and transparency within our business are run with honesty and transparency. On a monthly basis, we’ll issue a total level of Bitcoin that we have been interested in in our Mega Vault application. Our tokens and smart contracts are all based on ERC 20 Ethereum blockchain.Bitcoin cannot be spread via an ethereum blockchain. We’ll convert our Bitcoin into ethereum to automate 4-5% gross revenue share into our market holders.

Bitcoin mining in home is no more worth it in this period of ASIC miner. Even mining pools cannot expect to compete in utter efficacy and profitability with industrial Bitcoin mining farms. Worries emerged that bitcoin and the associated profits might wind up being concentrated in the hands of a few companies. Bitcoin mining ICOs offering ordinary people an opportunity to make money from this tendency have become hugely popular. Unfortunately, many of them are either outright scams or somewhat dishonest, with hidden costs and other complications cutting into the promised return on investments.

How It Works?
The Securix center in the coastal Netherlands will mine Bitcoins Utilizing the latest ASIC mining hardware (yet to be selected). In the conclusion of every month beginning with January 2019, holders of this company’s SRXIO tokens are going to receive automatic pay outs from a pool of 45 percent of their plantation’s overall mining income (before deductions) proportionate to the amount of tokens held. Securix will convert Bitcoins into Ether in order to make use of smart contracts in the Ethereum network for those transfers. 15 percent of those tokens will be long to the founders and you will be impossible to sell until October 20-19, giving them skin in the game.

Buyback Token
Buying tokens from Industry will depend on the market conditions and will probably be done at an industry price. The purchased parts will be burnt . The token pool quantity will decrease, and also the monthly gross revenue will be broken across a smaller nominal pool. This increase both value and output per token.

Mining Hardware Purchase
In case the Bitcoin cost and complexity are favourable, we can anticipate an increase in gross sales. Whatever the case, our token value is included in thousands of mining machines running in our center, and also adding new hardware will increase.

Securix Mega Vault Wallet
The Securix Mega Vault Dash Board program will probably soon be available afterwards 2018 for users . This application allows users to store SRXIO Tokens on their smartphone . The app will include the following Options: Securix monthly , bitcoins volume, possessed level of SRXIO Tokens, hashing ability of this center, SRXIO output balance, and news section. The app will also enable you to keep track of your monthly outputs. These outputs will soon be transferable at all times. When You have Transferred your SRXIO balance to your Securix Mega Vault Dashboard, you Will begin to acquire status. Everytime you go up a tier, you will receive a badge, a status or even a decoration.

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