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Currently, the platform for sharing visual content begins to experience significant growth, recorded 1.2 trillion photos taken in 2017, that number increased 600 billion more than in 2013.

With the quantity of photos that increase from year to year makes the platform to share the present visual content began to be taken under consideration. however of that variety, solely a couple of square measure ready to decriminalise their visual content, et al simply share content however don’t take pleasure in it. we have a tendency to see this as unfair and begin developing a platform named “SELFLLERY”, a Platform that permits Users to decriminalise their Content, and a Platform that may build it easier for the general public to share visual content. Our goal is to form the Community as simple and as potential as potential in sharing visual content and obtaining results from it, that all of those systems are supported a clear and secure Blockchain technology.

SELFLLERY could be a platform that may reward you in reference to your publications and social activities associated with the visual content that you simply generate and publish on Our Platform. we are going to permit Users to decriminalise their visual content, and obtain paid in tokens type. Platform we offer a good vary of visual content which will be enjoyed or followed by Users starting from, photo, video or live streaming. we offer some options which will maximize your activity in sharing content for charity functions or sharing news to different users. we have a tendency to produce associate degree system wherever our system are integrated directly with the blockchain technology that may become the premise of our Platform development. we are going to build it easier for the Community to share the visual content that’s being trended within the region, and take pleasure in it. Users don’t got to trouble to decriminalise their visual content like on different Platforms once your content gets liked thus directly your content is instantly paid by employing a token. Users also will get tokens from any visual content that they sell on the markets we offer, or Users will participate in campaign advertising and obtain results from it.

Social media platforms square measure the most channel for commercial enterprise and promoting digital photos, whereas at an equivalent time, they’re one amongst the net traffic sources for advertisers. Therefore, the value of social media promoting amounts to a major portion of overall promoting defrayal within the company.The share of social media spending in marketing budgets is expected to increase by 9.8% t o 18.5% compared to the following year.

It is of value to note that the preferred Instagram pic sharing service is among the twenty most visited web resources in the world and is associated with 800 million users.

As of August 2017, the number of daily service users was 375 million, ie one hundred and twenty-five million more than the previous year.


  1. Allows users to decriminalize their photos, videos and live streams in a highly gamified way;
  2. Support charity organizations and make simple donations to users;
  3. Provide companies with an easy-to-use and effective promotional tool that involves
    user photos;
  4. Expanding the market of image and video content for corporate and news services, with an easy-to-use search function.
  5. Integrates fashionable technology and blockchain capabilities to digital
    photography market, increasing transparency and security of its transactions.

When YOUR tokens are in hand by Selfllery advertisers:

  1. Your token area unit generated throughout TGE;
  2. Advertiser obtains YOUR token on TGE or on the open market (after TGE expires);
  3. Advertiser uses YOUR token to buy targeted ads in Selfllery;
  4. YOUR token (excluding Selfllery fees) received from the advertiser unit is shared among all Selfllery users according to Likes volume and current user rating;
  5. In addition to paying YOUR token for targeted ads, advertisers will reward your tokens of gifts for users who win pic contests or full promotional photos.
  6. Your token flag is limited. Everyday, at the right time, Selfllery distributes daily reward funds among all users who have received Likes on the day of reckoning.
  7. YOUR token token unit is distributed among all ActiveLore users on, as they are the contributer units of the selfllery area, and not merely those whose pages are advertising.
  8. Many individuals use Selfllery, which is very valuable brought to the platform. Therefore every WHO user receives Like, deserves a bequest.
  9. To avoid cheating, the overall variations of per day likes for a single user are limited


  • Stage 1: $ 200,000, 25% bonus, 50 day vesting schedule
  • Stage 2: $ 300,000, bonus of 20%, vesting schedule of 40 days
  • Stage 3: $ 500,000, bonus of 15%, 30 day vesting schedule



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