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SGPay Token is constructed on the Ethereum blockchain in accordance with the ERC-20 customary. The SGPay Token (or SGP in short) is constructed as a utility token to be used on our primary platform SGPay. it’ll be adopted by our technology partners and attached merchants.

Primary platform SGPay could be a third generation e-wallet and e-payment mobile application that enables users to shop for and sell cryptocurrencies, or create purchases exploitation each cryptocurrencies and order currencies. Team objective is to form SGPay the leading e-wallet and e-payments mobile application for everybody living in Singapore and therefore the region. Customers are ready to buy their groceries, purchase picture tickets, book flights and a lot of with SGPay. they’ll even be ready to choose their most popular mode of payment, either in order currency or cryptocurrency at elite merchants.

SGPay and its tokens helps to unravel these issues and promote the expansion of cryptocurrencies in Singapore and Asia. the last word beneficiaries of this improvement ar the first adopters of cryptocurrency.

Firstly, SGPay is AN e-wallet that enables users to shop for and sell cryptocurrencies. it’s AN intrinsical incentive system that awards lower group action fees to users WHO hold a lot of SGPay tokens. SGPay can permit its users to additionally create transactions exploitation its tokens, and to buy added services on the platform.

Secondly, the addition of SGPay into the payments system additionally provides users larger selection and variety for payments in Singapore and Asia. there’s a lesser probability of anybody e-wallet gaining monopoly power and imposing unfavorable terms on users.

Thirdly, SGPay can advocate the utilization of cryptocurrency for payments regionally. This creates a a lot of acquainted surroundings for users WHO ar already comfy with exploitation e-payment apps. currently that cryptocurrencies ar promoted and supported on a well-liked payments application, the utilization of them can increase correspondingly.

What is SGPay’s Solution?

The current drawback with the E-payments business is as a result of a number of mechanical flaws in its system. First, folks area unit unable to send cash to different users quickly. On average, it might take up to three days to send payments exploitation ancient platforms.

Second, E-payments will increase the fees at a particularly high rate. On some occasions, firms can charge to 100% for every dealings. this may result in some users changing into annoyed with the platform and seeking for higher alternatives.

SGPay’s resolution is to make a platform wherever users can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies while not having to attend for the long process times.

And, SGPay offers users higher diversity and selection for payments in Asia and Singapore. This reduces the prospect of any e-wallet getting a monopoly power and setting unfavorable terms on users.

Lastly, SGPay can permit the employment of cryptocurrency to conduct regional payments. Doing thus can charm to the users that already skills to use e-payment apps. currently that cryptocurrencies area unit supported and promoted on standard apps, it’ll increase the general usage.


Full Feature Set

  • Accessible from mobile devices on both Android and Apple iOS
  • Decentralized tokens on the blockchain
  • ‘Cold-Storage’ style wallet protects up to 99% of crypto-assets stored with us
  • Support for transactions involving cryptocurrencies such as the SGPay Network Token, Bitcoin, Ether
  • Support for deposit/withdrawal of Singapore Dollar funds
  • APIs built to support merchant and user funds exchange
  • Full access for users over their private keys (platform will not store keys)
  • Support for debit and credit cards during the e-payment phase
  • Deep integration with industry leaders from the Insurance, Travel and other fields
  • Monetized reward system built into the platform
  • Support for locally developed cryptocurrencies such as Kyber Network Crystals, Zilliqa Tokens and more

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