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What Is Smoke Exchange?

The Smoke Exchange is that the 1st self-seeking advertising platform for the cannabis business. This digital market can permit advertisers and publishers to shop for and sell ad house on period of time auction bidding platforms.

You can see a brand new breakthrough by Smoke Exchange , a web site that’s aforementioned to be the advertising revolution for the marijuana business. perhaps you may feel confused, what’s Smoke Exchange? Before discussing more, you would like to grasp that Smoke Exchange is that the 1st advertising platform serving the cannabis business. This digital market can so permit advertisers and publishers to shop for and sell advertising house on this platform. Later advertisers will bid or auction in period of time.

We can see that nowadays the cannabis business is so value billions of bucks. however sadly this business can’t and isn’t allowed to advertise on ancient platforms, decision it Google Adwords, Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, and lots of others. after all as a result of this might have a sway on users or their partnership. All platforms area unit petrified of being left behind by users and their partners. Finally the business is abandoned and has just one choice, that is advertising through a promoting agency that may manage their campaigns. however the matter is, advertising in an exceedingly promoting agency like this is often actually high-priced and fewer qualified. They solely provide financial gain to intermediaries and publishers.

On the idea of this issue, Smoke Exchange involves solve the matter by providing associate degree e-commerce platform that lets users track their conversions and statistics in period of time, so that they will optimize campaigns quicker to maximise profits.

Smoke Exchange has the goal of providing the simplest resolution for the multibillion greenback cannabis business to advertise their merchandise and services. The platform is straightforward to use, permitting web site homeowners to sell and get simply and quickly.

The cannabis business is flourishing and has countless bucks for promoting functions that they will not afford simply. therefore the vision of Smoke Exchange is to convey them an answer to the present drawback, then to produce the developing business with the technology they have to grow their business simply. Not solely that, we are going to sharply market our new platforms into marijuana-related sites and apps. Our sales team also will install advertisers with coupons, permitting them to do the platform for free.

Smoke Exchange Vision

The marijuana business is growing quickly and has many bucks reserved for promoting functions that they’re ineffectual to simply pay. Our vision is to supply them with an answer to the current downside and to supply this growing business with the technology they have to simply grow their businesses.

Smoke Exchange Strategy

We will be sharply promoting our new platform to the world’s largest marijuana-related websites and apps. we’ll be operating to aboard as several publishers as doable and to supply them with higher evaluation than the competition. Our sales team will be onboarding advertisers with coupons which will permit them to undertake the platform without charge.

How To Use a Tokens?

The Smoke Exchange token (SMX) is employed to shop for advertising credits on the platform and is that the solely variety of currency that’s used internally by software system.
For example, if you would like to shop for a credit price$ 100, you’ll have 2 options:
You can transfer tokens price $ 100 to your advertising account.
You can purchase tokens on Smoke Exchange exploitation BTC, ETH or DOPE which will be automatically converted and available for use.

Distribution Token

Presale will offer a 50% Bonus and will have a Target 10000 Eth
Investors who donate 1000+ Ethereum will receive 65% Bonus.
First Week ICO = 25% Bonus (1000 + ETH = 45% Bonus)
Second Week ICO = 15% Bonus (1000 + ETH = 25% Bonus)
Third Week ICO = 7% Bonus (1000 + ETH = 15% Bonus)
Week Four = No Bonuses

Contact & Information

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