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What Is Storweey?
Storweey will be the latest platform for e-commerce. This Blockchain technology enables crypto enthusiasts to exchange products employing traditional secrecy and money conditions. We just need a ecommerce platform depending on the blockchain technology after ICO occurs. With the aim of fixing comparative but high-energy payments,

All trades in the system pioneered by Storweey may be recorded And can be seen by any party, the entire process is going to be supported by the blockchain system. How come that, because
Storweey will have a privileged and systematic supply chain management.

Storweey integrates all the necessary tools for starting the commerce and also boosting those what abroad’ markets. That is of use not just for first-time entrepreneur and startups. A easy-to-use platform lets to internet account and manage it without additional staff and expenses. Our service provides great chances for self service entrepreneurs, small-scale to medium manufacturers, retailers family companies and producers of handmade crafts, and for example a choice of tools for direct consumer responses, bookkeeping, earnings analysis, advertising and promotion, in addition to a convenient, user friendly interface.

One of Many features of Storweey is that the usage of blockchain technology, which allows to make the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible to both trade parties, reduction of trade expenses and company costs, and simplification of this buy process. Decentralization, the opportunities presented by the use of cryptocurrency from the job are our competitive benefits over other small business solutions existing in the marketplace these days.

Besides these advantages Storweey enables primary cryptocurrency to be used as a type of payment in every product and service within the platform. All fantastic buys are buyers, manufacturers and even advertisers can use face to face known as peer to peer reviewed. It’s amazing and unique, making the stage as easy as creating your account. All as a result of the fairly complex platform system was produced by Storweey.

Storweey User Friendly Platform The Storweey
Platform may execute several parameters like name, category price, volume, price and description that will assist each customer to find the product they need. Manufacturers and sellers can give you incentives to customers with a STWY nominal to request feedback in order that they participate.

Token Sale
During Pre Sale and ICO stages, the participants Will have the ability to acquire STWYtokens with an advantage. As a bonus into the ancient participants, the various kinds of bonuses are structured according to this afternoon when the tokens are procured by these.

The capital accumulated from contributions of Participants throughtoken earnings shall be utilised at the progression of STWYtokens and stage. In the duration of the developing stages of Storweey when the initial loaf start selling, the accrued funds would instantly be allocated and assigned/put to use as a way to make the Storweey platform stronger. The gifts received from supporters go a very long way in strengthening Storweey platform and so will be invested into Storweey and its own supportive community. We will grow from strength to strength thereby building a valuable and useful tool which shall challenge the status quo and usher in significant modifications to the worldwide E Commerce platform in various nations.

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