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SyncFab is that the first Blockchain for hardware producing offer chain that it eliminate selling prices, guarantee payments through good contracts, complete management of evaluation and focuses on manufacturing highest quality product.
SyncFab uses MFG token as a utility token to reward purchasers and makers, create payments, defend ntellectual properties, and promote trust and transparency through execution of good contracts on the blockchain.

Blockchain and smart contracts are beneficial as a way forward to Industrial Revolution 4.0, creating economies of scale and potentially combined supply. Decentralized manufacturing will make the industry more accessible, safe and economical for more participants in the peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem directly.

Silicon Valley-based syncFab aims to leverage technology and access together with IoT and IIoT to provide costumer and manufacturer along with high-quality data that will streamline processes along the supply chain. Linking customers together with manufacturers in IIoT through the business-to-business SaaS (B2B) ecosystem, SyncFab creates a public peer-to-peer ecosystem where customers can find companies that can execute precision machineries to precision demand processing sections and involve vibrant participants to increase efficiency within the supply chain. While the government is building the Internet (ARPANET), SyncFab believes that IIoT will be built collaboratively, through public-private partnerships (which SyncFab has formed). This cross-sectoral collaboration will unite and integrate best practices and share wisdom from multiple perspectives.

The existing SyncFab business features a goal to scale back emissions and waste at intervals the producer’s offer chain. The MFG SyncFab token is intended to supply incentives to makers to need offers and parts to come back from completely different tiny native machine tools aboard larger, farther, and fewer inexperienced suppliers. MFG token mechanics is intended to extend value savings for big makers and improve utilization and potency for native small-scale tooling tools. MFG token are employed in order to produce and trailing to enhance native producing transparency and request.

To solve the issues ordinarily found by most investors, syncfab involves resolve it whereas delivering intelligent solutions with a platform that helps the performance and simple access to their accounts. Aims to make associate system conceptualizing mutual profit between merchants and users yet as a platform which will incessantly facilitate earnings stability. the longer term of the platform syncfab as a primary generation platform that provides solutions to capitalist issues which will not air time and each time sees changes within the exchange crypto market or the same old ups and downs of costs in crypto create this platform wanted by potential users WHO square measure prepared for automatic notification into their mobile devices across the globe while not exploit the smallest amount of their activities.

How It Works
Benefits to Hardware Innovators

  • Cheaper and high quality quotes from the source
  • On-demand purchasing, tracking, & reordering
  • Connect with a network of local vetted manufacturers
  • Secure transactions and communications through smart contracts

Benefits to Hardware Manufacturers

  • Eliminate marketing costs by having buyers directly connect to your manufacturing facility
  • Guaranteed payments through smart contracts
  • Complete control of your pricing & capabilities
  • Less headaches of overhead and processes to focus on producing the best quality products

MFG Token Powered Supply Chain

The MFG Token is a utility token used on the SyncFab platfrom to reward purchasers and manufacturers, make payments, protect intellectual properties, promote trust and transparency through the execution of smart contracts on the blockchain

  • Create unique bid auctions to incentivize manufacturers for faster quotes with MFG
  • MFG loyalty rewards can be offered for consistent reorders
  • Buyers are qualified through an upfront MFG token commitment
  • Manufacturers can provide discounts on the quoted price with MFG tokens


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