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What’s TOK?
It’s a multi-functional decentralized chat application built in the Ethereum Blockchain. While offering users all the basic qualities of a conversation application, it also supplies a lightweight in-built cryptocurrency wallet. While communication with friends and family through TOK, the application offer a lot more functionalities as compared to the conventional immediate messaging apps.

TOK is a unified instant messaging application with features which can be ideal for personal and professional functions. Webinars, collaborative documents, whiteboard, screen sharing, video transmissions, higher level location features and currency transfer are a few of our core offerings.

Screen sharing
Users should have the ability to discuss the display with their connections. This is among the most important features of enterprise-specific programs while using the application. End users will also have the ability to procure their display by limiting or allowing screenshots while discussing their screens.

Collaborative materials
This job may allow customers to work together if needed. When it is a business enterprise, a simple student venture, or even children members venture, the collaborative client certification will share their continuous job accreditation with them. Other They will have the option to decide on who is able to look at and transform documents and change their preferences depending on their needs.

Users should have the ability to combine or participate in webinars via this option accessible from the TOK app. Among the earliest features with this type from im programs, webinars will probably be game changers. Clients will need to purchase a TOK CreditScore to reap the good advantage with the selection. The internet seminar planners are going to have the option to arrange 100 percent complimentary or paid webinars. Possible webinars will have short efforts and are available for a few months period. For compensated webinars, people will execute for TOK features to be found at or perspective webinars after.

E-lightweight pockets in development is one of the primary options of TOK. Our clients will be able to send and receive in the TOK group via pockets. Employing TOK cards, clients will also have the ability to buy or register to top quality solutions such as webinars.

Instant texting application
The increased usage of mobile phones and About the internet transmission has generated numerous im programs in online interaction. Folks choose to use im over traditional SMS and MMS sms details techniques. Immediate texting allows users to communicate instantly, verifying if their details have been accessed or even read by the consumer, making it much more suitable. One of the main benefits of im is its 100% free use, the convenience of its own user interface (simplicity ) and its own extensive accessibility across all gadgets and systems. cellular.

Many in apps can be found the systems for clients around the earth. Some apps illustrate texting and texting features, moving above the cost and capacity of traditional SMS. In im apps, the content length isn’t restricted to a few words or characters and also the consumer may discuss different types such as images, video clips and voice searches readily.

TOK is a unified instant messaging application with features which can be employed for personal and professional purposes. Webinars, collaborative documents, whiteboard, screen sharing, video broadcasts, advanced location features and money exchange are a few of our center offerings.

TOK intends to build a new world of communication with faster, more secure and private communicating’s allowing people all over the globe.
TOK will be the new age of communication application that’ll enable users with easy and secure exchange of data not just through chats (Team and Private) and Audio or Video calls but also empower its users with several additional features that will help create a communication ecosystem that’s perhaps not just perceptible for private but also for professional use or intentions.

Technology has its upside and downside. From the electronic age of communicating one of the key disadvantage has become the breach of user Data; the one that’s becomes continuous anxiety.
With firms and hacker making money off the private information of Consumers, TOK intends to find the end of that fear that has engulfed the World with solitude flows and data hacks.

What is TOK’s Goal?
TOK want’s to create an program for communicating, at a community that will not be reliant on host, or be affected by government arrangements. TOK Combines high degree privacy and security of user data with the maximum Convenient performance – the blockchain framework.

Characteristics of the TOK portfolio
The TOK program will Have a mild and mobile profile that allows clients to keep and transaction safely with TOK wedding party and every ERC20 suitable token. Users will have the ability to purchase and sell products or Simply exchange Wedding-Party working with a pockets.

Touse the Webinar service, clients might have to pre-purchase a TOK credit score utilizing the Symbol token.

All dealings created with the TOK pockets will probably be documented over the Ethereum path.

Tech – Blockchain Ethereum
Blockchain Ethereum wasn’t designed as a method for creating and saving accounting details from the very first blockchain exchange message; Instead, it was developed with much more thoughts than the usual community and general blockchain with a broad truing development speech. This permits clients to write apps with custom deal type and even special Exchange attributes, essentially translating the guidelines they want to Manage to their own dealings and for. The blockchain statement describes those guidelines. This is referred to as a sensible contract.

Clever supplies on the Blockchain Ethereum have their own address and their own digital resources, which means it is likely to send the property to other parties using predetermined guidelines in the Contract’s contract code. The best thing is that the deals are apparent to everybody in the system. Brilliant agreements can be completely employed for a number of reasons because they are able to Implement complex recommendations and perhaps even computerized rewards, not just for invoices. But also multi-part techniques like online auctions and more.

The advanced attributes and working environments of this Blockchain Ethereum create it probably the most acceptable system for the TOK system.

Token Symbol Allocation

  • 4% is invested in the Advisory Board.
  • 5% goes to Resources, Recommendations, Community Bldg
  • 6% are designated to promote transmission.
  • 10% is invested in growth and source funds.
  • 10% is invested in the primary group.
  • 65% was invested in pre-sales and ICO traders.

Contact & Information
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