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What is UAHPay ?

UAHPay was founded by blockchain specialists with strong Cryptography and development skills. Already successful in the online space the founders of UAHPay have now set their ambitions to changing a Nation and restoring trust in the banking system. Using existing blockchain technology and fiat platforms already in place we seek to provide a Cryptobank, ICO trading platform for Ukraine and the World.

The vision of the UAHPay project

UAHPay’s largest goal is to create a safe banking environment for the citizens of Ukraine. This needs to be built on trust and security. This can only be done by using blockchain based technology. Providing our clients with the ability to exchange fiat currency in real-time without inter-bank exchange fees, access to International transfers and other banking services such as loans with low rates are among our core goals.

UAHPAY will offer money wallets in 23 fiat currencies initially which will cover most of the Global currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP and UAH. In addition, partnered with Coinpayments we will offer support for over 55 popular cryptocurrencies.

Our primary goal is to work with Central Banks around the world and assist in implementing new forms of Government backed Digital Money.

Integrated Fiat Payment System

Integrated bank accounts with IBAN and SWIFT, debit Visa & Mastercard’s, instant foreign exchange and online payment processing. All services will support fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency & ICO Exchange

Participate in Initial Coin Offerings and buy Cryptocurrerncies with our revolutionary online trading platform. Our goal is to provide a legal and regulated Government sponsored trading network.

Forex Cryptoasset & Commodity Exchange

Trade commodity backed Cryptocurrencies and other investment products such as equity traded, other equity based crypto funds such as Crypto Mortgage Bonds (CMB’s) and Crypto Hedge Funds (CHF’S).

Earn Cash Back

Cashback in UAH with each spend with UAHPAY Platinum card. Instant conversions from BTC and ETH. Our cards are accepted at over 30M merchants.

Anti-Fraud A.I

Merchant processing & blockchain Anti-Fraud solutions which use our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence & Biometric Anti Fraud protection.

Concierge Service

Need tickets to the big game? Marriage Proposal? Airline Tickets or Hotel? We have you covered with our 24/7 concierge service.

UAHPay Card


The UAHPay card will be issued by two of the World’s leading issuers and processing platforms. We will be listed on two stock exchanges and will hold two bank licenses in Germany and Ukraine. Our goal is to have a North American Banking license as well in the future in order to capitalize on other markets

Our processing platform is a Mastercard and Visa accredited processor with Level 1 PCI DDD compliance. We will provide in-house technical support and card holder concierge services.

Our UAHPAY app is proprietary and built for both IOS and Android operating systems which integrate all our services in an easy to use and intuitive UI that is easy to understand and use.

UAHPay App Features

Delivering the right solutions from our customer’s fingertips, the UAHPay app is a highly advanced and robust solution. When we designed this app we set our goals to integrate as many features as possible which include :




UAHPAY has been in development for over a year with its operations & team now based in Kiev, Ukraine. We strongly believe that this solution has the power to transform a nation and provide a stable banking platform for its citizens.



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