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What is UTRUST?

UTRUST is a revolutionary payment platform that allows buyers to use their favorite cryptocurrency to pay for sellers (private merchants or merchants). We provide sellers with security and convenience to receive funds in paper currency, and offer consumers the best consumer protection, by acting as a trusted mediator. We combine the best payment protection features of the current generation fiat system with innovative features from blockchain and blend unique features provided by our own token.

What is the Goal of TRUST ?

The UTRUST Platform aims to provide the consumer protection buyers take for granted in traditional online purchases, acting as a mediator, resolver of conflicts, enabling the possibility of refunds to mitigate fraud, while shielding the merchant from crypto-market volatility. We want to build upon the best features of cryptocurrencies, enabling fast transactions, lower fees and low cross-border transaction friction, enabling merchants to sell to a growing worldwide audience of crypto-holders. In sum, we aim to build the payment API for marketplace integration that will become the crypto-contender to PayPal.

All of those features would make for a kick ass product on its own right, the firstof its kind in the world of crypto-payments and one that could be funded by venture capital investment alone. But we decided to go a step beyond, and wanted to offer the chance for anyone in the world to become a backer, leveraging the power of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and issue our own UTRUST token alongside the UTRUST Platform. In essence, the UTRUST token will act as an investment stake from our backers, as a transactional token, that buyers can use in the UTRUST Platform itself alongside other major coins, and as a financial mechanism linking the UTRUST token value to the UTRUST Platform value — our strategic valuecoupling mechanism.

This is an ambitious endeavor intended to build a comprehensive software platform from the ground-up, while bringing tangible value to our backers, in the form of token appreciation, and to the community of buyers and sellers, driving its future growth in the form of platform transactions. We believe cryptocurrencies are evolving to become much more than speculation and are here to stay in the minds and wallets of consumers. This is a game-changer that we know can change how merchants and buyers use cryptocurrencies and we believe that the only missing link is a platform of mediation and trust.

We will be opening a pre-ICO of $1 MM on 23rd August 2017, intended to observe community interest in our project. After the round closure, and if it matches our expectations, we will be targeting a full 7-rounds ICO starting on 1st September 2017 in order to obtain a total financial leverage of $50 MM. The funds will fuel our passion to disrupt online payments with cryptocurrency, financing development of MVP, marketing operations, merchant adoption incentives and team expansion. What we achieved so far is the result of the efforts of a diverse and highly-skilled team, targeting our ambitious roadmap. At this stage we need your support, and dare we say, your trust.

The UTRUST Token

UTRUST’s token, UTK, is a cryptocurrency designed for the UTRUST ecosystem. You can buy, sell, send, and receive UTK in the platform. You can convert it to fiat and other cryptocurrencies or keep it in your wallet to see its value grow with the platform.

Transactions that use the UTRUST token will be converted internally and benefit from zero exchange fees.

The UTK pre-ICO is scheduled for August 28 at 4pm GMT. A total of 1 billion UTK tokens will be released. They’re ERC20-compliant tokens based on Ethereum. You can purchase the tokens using BTC or ETH.

The public ICO will take place later in September, although UTRUST has not yet revealed a date. Purchase bonuses are available throughout the sale.

The UTRUST Payment Platform

The UTRUST Platform is a payment processor solution that enables merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrencies from buyers as payment methods while receiving in fiat currency. We aim to establish our solution as the best in the market, offering a few distinct innovative features:

  • A robust consumer protection and risk mitigation to both buyers and sellers
  • Pay with your favorite cryptocurrency as a buyer, receive in fiat currency as a seller
  • An integrated indexed token of exchange, that can be used in the platform to reduce transactional fees.

UTRUST will be a transactional payment API that combines the speed and security of crypto payments with consumer protection against traditional payment systems, and fraudulent benefits from crypto payments (no stolen cards, chargebacks or hacked accounts). Our main pillar stands straight :

  • Buyer Protection : The amount paid by the buyer is held until the transaction has been validated by the platform mediator. UTRUST handles conflict resolution and reduces risk, protects consumers and assures potential buyers to get a refund in case of trouble with a purchase.
  • Fluctuation Protection : We provide a transparent preview of ratios. Conversion from crypto to fiat is done by JIT at the best market price and added to the pool. By locking this amount, and ensuring a post-conversion suspension, we ensure the seller will get the specified amount he requested, unrestricted from the crypto market volatility.
  • Low Fees : We charge lower than other e-commerce platforms for sellers — 1% of total transactions. Connections to multiple intelligent exchange and intelligence providers ensure the lowest possible exchange rates for buyers who send payments.

Details Token

  • ICO SCHEDULE: 1 September 2017
  • PURCHASE TOKEN: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • TOTAL SUPPLY TOKEN: 1,000.000.000 UTRUST
  • Project Protocol: ETH, ERC20
  • Pre-Ico Sale (5%): 0.03 USD (3 cents)


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