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VINND is building the world’s at first decentralized advanced healthful services stage to run specific blood tests to assess your prosperity light machine learning openings and blockchain advances. As indicated by Deloitte’s 2017 world Health Care Outlook, compelling thought conveyance and advancements in human services ar among drifting problems. Vinnd changes a standout among the foremost ‘hot’ fragments of human services advertise: weight reduction and weight administration showcase.

So VINND set to assist with this issue and build the world’s first decentralized digital health care platform to run specific blood tests to judge your health that includes machine learning opportunities and blockchain technologies. Vinnd aims to revolutionizes one among the foremost ‘hot’ segments of health care market: weight loss and weight management market.

Health care platforms ar growing in range and this suggests that individuals would be ready to build use of the various sorts of heath care systems. These systems go hand in hand with the dynamical life vogue moreover and this is often the explanation for them turning towards medical care. And another one to enter this field is that the Vinnd app that’s 1st of its kind during this specific field.

Convenient EXPRESS BLOOD TEST DEVICE has been created to direct the test at home. Pack dispenses with the need to visit specialist’s office and empowers the patient to acquire comes about immediately. The model is being developed at this point. Improvement is held under free supervision* of US biomedical designers, who are individuals from Vinnd Advisory Board.

Solution and Work of VINND

Leading weight-loss researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan faculty of Public Health square measure showing that the key to weight loss seems to be extremely customized instead of fashionable diets. Individual responses to totally different diets vary enormously: there’s no universal diet for appropriate for everybody making an attempt to turn.

Vinnd is meant to create individually — crafted diets supported your biopsy results. A drop of blood might eveal what reasonably product would completely have an effect on your metabolism.

Human metabolism ain’t regarding pop star’s fancy diet anymore; it’s regarding your health.

VINND INTELLIGENT DATABASE: has been created to lead the test at home. Unit dispenses with the need to visit octor’s office and empowers the patient to acquire comes about immediately.

POTENTIAL AVAILABLE MARKET 3,714,635,711 PEOPLE 49% of individuals around the globe are endeavoring to get thinner

Add up to ADDRESSABLE MARKET 2,785,976,783 PEOPLE In normal 75% of individuals eat less carbs as a technique to get more fit

SERVED AVAILABLE MARKET $2,336,877,325,580 Monthly membership demonstrate is $838.80 every year per capital

SERVICABLE OBTAINABLE MARKET $23,368,773,255 Vinnd intends to grow to 1% of Served Available Market (SAM)

Vinnd aims to offer investors attractive for investing. So investors may invest in Vinnd’s growth. That is why Vinnd presents token profitability scheme where the rate of ROI comes from two channels:

1. Profit out of bonuses

2. Growth of tokens’ market value 25% of company profit goes towards bonus distribution.

Distributions are accrued once a month. 25% of profit goes to buying up tokens on the market with the aim of increasing their market value.

Market Expansion

1. US and Canada — 69% of people trying to lose weight

2. Middle East — highest obesity rates in the world

3. United Kingdom — biggest weight loss market share in Europe

4. China — biggest weight loss market share in Asia

5. Mexico and Brazil — highest obesity rates in 10 the Central and Latin America

Pre-ICO rate per 1 VIN = 0,00033 ETH (3000 VIN = 1 ETH)

ICO rate per 1 VIN = 0,00066 ETH (1500 VIN = 1 ETH)

PRE-ICO Date: 11 December — 17th January

ICO Date: 18th January — 18th February

Store Allocation

  • 50% — Product advancement
  • 25% — Marketing (item dispatch, battles)
  • 20% — Team
  • 5% — Legal charges

Token Distribution

  • 60.125% — ICO
  • 3.25% — Pre-ICO
  • 35% — Founders
  • 1.625% — Bounty program

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