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What is YouToken?

YouToken may be a distinctive platform that permits folks to show human intelligence into a monetary quality(token). YouToken helps entrepreneurs use ICO authority and lift funds for his or her concepts / comes.
The human intellect has worth, like several alternative monetary assets (currencies, stocks, bonds, etc.). On the platform of YouToken, AN capitalist will invest in artistic concepts of entrepreneurs, even as he will invest in shares within the securities market.
YouToken may be a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that converts human intelligence into a money quality(token). facilitate investors and entrepreneurs establish association via crypto tokens. Entrepreneurs will “sell themselves” and their concepts on YouToken whereas investors should purchase “human intelligence” on our marketplace. As a result, gifted entrepreneurs will quickly get financial backing for his or her project, and investors get the chance to speculate in another “Steve Jobs” or “Elon Musk” at their early stage of success. The platform introduces users to a brand new money asset — “Human Intelligence”.


We build entrepreneurship accessible to everybody, all over and trustable all over again for investors.
Entrepreneurs have the chance to fund their concepts and find support from the YouToken community.Investors have the likelihood to take a position in proficient entrepreneurs at their early stage of success.

There are three stages of the project

Crowdsale – fundraising for the project
Production – suggests that ar raised, and therefore the bourgeois begins to develop his project
Existence – a project designed and launched business processes.

Vault could be a software system repository that stores funds for the “Production” section of a project.

Token sale details

“Proof of the concept”
TERMS OF SALE TOKEN: March sixteen – Gregorian calendar month one
PRICE: one YTN = $ zero.10
Currently we have a tendency to settle for cash from ETH and enactment. On the day we have a tendency to begin the sale of the marker, we are going to set the YTN / ETH rate of exchange on our web site.
MIN CAP: $ three hundred,000
If this goal isn’t met, all funds are came
All unsold tokens are distributed at the “DAICO” stage
BONUS: five-hitter for participants of the referral program
+ half-hour bonus before the sale till March fifteen.

How to participate in the referral program

Login to your account via email or social media on click “Referral Program” link in the top menu.Then click the “Get My Link”. You can earn bonuses that you will receive and your referral link. Copy your link for share to friends or use the “social media” for share it on your various channels. Get profits from your invitees!


Investors UN agency wish to support the artistic plan / project of the bourgeois, have the chance to get their creator tokens (YTN_creatorname)

Road map

2017 October: The initial development of the fundamental construct of YouToken.
December: we tend to launch YouToken academic programs (“Everything you wish
Know about bitkoyne, “Cryptocurrency Universum” and “Blockchain for
People, not for geeks. “)
2018 January: development of the epitome market YouToken
February – March: Proof of the Crowdsale construct (100M tokens area unit offered, min cap = $ 300k)
March: Creation of a hybrid legal structure (USA, EU, Global)
Beta version of YouToken Marketplace has been free
April: gap of the top workplace in geographic area
YouToken achieves its goal of 100+ “tokenized” creators, pictured on
Development of sales and selling, promotion
May-June: YouToken starts our DAICO – business acceleration (min cap = $ 3M)
July-August: YouToken achieves its 1000+ goal of “tokenized” creators pictured on

Contact & Information
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